Thursday, 9 December 2010

My Christmas Post

Okay Tis the Season to be Jolly... Christmas time is here. And once again all the shopping malls try to outdo each other with the decorations, Christmas trees, Snowmen, Santas and reindeers, hot Santarinas and candy canes and carolling tunes blasting for the world to hear. Literally every shopping mall I step into has turned into a Winter Wonderland. Okay in America it’s cold. This is Malaysia. What winter? We're just really unoriginal in commercialising Christmas.

And I’m very sure the Malaysian kids who grow up with all this Snowman and White Christmas rubbish get really confused because in actual natural reality, there’s never any snow... but they don’t realise what they've experienced was the air-cond, white cotton and Indian Santa Clause with koko jelly or something.

Characters of the shopping mall Christmas.

Ask any kid or teenager what comes to mind, when they think about Christmas and the answer will be presents! Santa Clause! Snow!! (even from the Malaysian kids =.=”) christmas tree!

Sadly, none of this is actually what Christmas is about.
Christmas is when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. That’s it.

 No Santa.

 No reindeer.

No sexy chicks giving out candy. 


When we were really young, we watched the kids on television getting presents that Santa clause gave them, a surprise! We loved surprises. So my siblings and I begged our parents to surprise us one year with whatever gifts they could think of. It was so exciting. Everyday I fantasized getting a Baby doll that could eat from a spoon or a brand new masak-masak set!

On Christmas morning, we rushed ran STAMPEDED down the stairs and under the tree were some pencil boxes, a ball and a stack of chairs...

Apparently, the pressure of individualised gifts was too much. After that, we insisted on choosing or own presents, so my dad gave us each RM 35 to spend. At the time, we felt like we inherited a million bucks or least I did. =D=D

The crib.

More important than the Christmas tree is the crib or the nativity set which is a model of a manger(place where the cows ate) where Jesus was born. We put it up to remember his humble beginnings with his family where Mary gave birth in a smelly manger because there were no available rooms around.

When we were younger, my dad used to make one every year instead of buying the set from the shop. He would cut out a cardboard box and make two floors, and we would collect dry grass from the playground nearby for hay in the manger. He would make a hole in the cardboard roof and fit a light bulb through giving the stable a warm glow. 

After we got older he stopped and told us to start doing it. I have made the crib twice, and probably am going to do it this year as well. You see, the crib often is put second or forgot about in the rush of decorating the house and the tree with mistletoe, wreaths and bells. Not good, because, baby Jesus won’t have a place to be born and it is his birthday after all.

Most importantly, Christmas to me is about family and being together with loved ones to share the joy of Jesus’ birth. Whether we sit around watching television, or just eat, or put up the tree, it has to be done with the family...then my Christmas would be awesome.
Last but not least,  


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz

This novel was recommended by Jacinta; she told me to read it and didn't say anything else about it. It was also a book in the Oprah's book Club, but then again so was She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb and I hated that. Anyway the book.

Loved it.

Its a very cosy little book, something you must read sitting very comfortably curled up somewhere with something to munch (in my case Lexus cheese biscuits)  to truly savour the words and descriptions in the novel. I would categorise it under family drama, but not in an over-the-top-soap opera-Bold and Beautiful way. Very realistic and above all believable. No character has any exaggerated heroism; in the sense that everyone has their moments where the reader can stop and admire what they have done. Her characters are all wholesome; sometimes you just hate them, other times you can't help but pity them for what they're going through.

I think the author has a true sense of human emotions, even the slightly more complex mix of emotions is portrayed through her characters not just the main happy, sad, love and hate. In that way, reading this novel was similar to reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I found the book very subtly predictable, very subtly, like one would get a hint suddenly or suddenly would come across a  word that would suddenly not fit, making you turn back at least thirty pages and look for clues in the early chapters. I liked doing it. hee hee. Having said that, the predictability didn't suck the fun out of reading it like most books do. It worked to the novel's advantage and I wanted to carry on.

Finishing this novel you don't even demand a happy ending, as I always do with Nicholas Sparks, instead you humbly accept the closing given and ponder on that for a while. All I will say is it was a very satisfactory ending. Tee hee. so thanks Jes for that book.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fancy a good read?

Hello reader, if you are bored and have no idea what to do with your time, have contemplated reading but don't know where to get cheap good novels because you are broke, this is the place for you.

I was blog hopping the other night and came across this website, from China if I'm not mistaken, that had links to famous novels online, and by famous I'm talking Harry Potter, novels by John Grisham, NIcholas Sparks and many more. They're all sorted out by genre so just pick one that you feel like reading.

Go read a book today!

Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver

I started reading this novel the last time I was back in September, and kicked myself for not bringing the book back with me to Kedah to finish the last chapter.

I have finished it.

I like this book because I thought it was going to be a silly American cop book, because of the way it started, with characters you can't see yourself liking. In other words, I liked it because it wasn't what I expected it to be. The genre would probably be thriller, because of the chase, between good guys and the bad guys throughout. There is also a much appreciated element of suspense due to the fact that something new and outrageous seems to crop up at every chapter. This I like.

And it's not your traditional murder motive, for money or revenge or any of that CSI rubbish, which makes it somewhat a psychological thriller. I was talking about the novels we read with my friend Jacinta, and I realised that I have come to like books that enlighten me on topics that are otherwise rarely thought about like gaming for instance. Online gaming is an issue in this novel and I found out some things that I really didn't know.

I mean, reading romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks is all well and good when you're on the toilet seat or waiting for the train, when you just want to see a happy ending and a match made in heaven, but for good thought provoking or informative reads, I enjoy Jodi Picoult, John Grisham, Keith Ablow and newest addition Mister Jeffery Deaver.

Having said that, it was not mind blowingly awesome. It was not that much of a page turner although some false alarms did make me flip like I've never flipped before.

Altogether a good read.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Harry Potter 7?

Hello reader,
This is a summary of my days at home so far..

1. Chinese dinner with May, Jes, Brian, Darren and Joyee was damn refreshingly fun! Hee Hee. I came back at 1am though! But the food was so good! especially the prawns and the sticky doughy mee....

2. Harry Potter was good. Went with sister Laura Ann and her friend Elaine. It was unexpectedly good... but that maybe because I went in with ZERO expectations. haha.

3. Oh and I bought a novel called 'The Teacher Man'. *SMILE SMILE SMILE*

4. I discovered a website that allows us to read John Grisham and Nicholas Sparks novels online for FREE. *SMILE SMILE SMILE*

Oh and I never thought I was a cat loving kind of person.
But my SILLY KITTEN is so small and soft and *iwillnotsaycute*
black and soft and cuddly and soft and small and soft and okayyyy....
haihhhh ...*smile*

Saturday, 13 November 2010

End of chapter 1 (2009-2010)

Okay, here's the thing. It's been one hell of a journey eh? The foundation is over at last, and the 19 of us will begin our journey next year as degree students. (with cool new ID cards and everything!)
I've always liked the fact that our class is small. everyone talks to everyone and there are kelompoks or cliques but we still know everyone.

When I was 12, for the school magazine, Year 6 students would have to come up with a rhyme about their class. I never got to be a part of that. Hehe. So allow me.

Syafwan, Ikhwan, Arifuddin nama diberi,
Pernah menjadi KK kami,
Syafwan poyo badannya tough
sebab dia x handsome enough
Ikhwan bajet muka cam Shahrukh khan
tetapi kurus cam lalang dan
Arifuddin besar dan gagah "nampak"
Tapi slalu ditegur "landak"

Awak baca ingat saya benci ka?
sebenarnya saya sayang depa
Ketiga tiga sangat sangat pro
dalam bidang lawak bodo...=D

tapi dari mana datang inner strength mereka?
dari penolong KK lah.. lagi siapa?
Mira, adilah dan Vinashini
slalu berlari ke sana sini,
buku register punya pasal
harap harap mereka tak menyesal

Mira dulu agak garang
tapi xboleh compare dengan skarang!
ceria sokmo senang ketawa
baju kurungnyer loni bertambah lawa
Adilah dan Vina slalu nampak busy
tapi mereka tahu take it easy,
Adliah pro bab actor korea
Vina pula suka actor Suria

okeh classmate lain dua line ja
yg atas tu VIP kena hormat depa
Kita mula dengan tertua

Shaleny eldest kelas kita
personality senyap tapi hati mulia
sedia membantu bila bila masa
eh macam lagu PBSM la pula

Sin ni, orang ingat dia senyap
Hey orang, awak silap!
di sebalik rambut rebonding nya
terdapat sebuah heroin....Korea =.=

Ifah, Mah, Mira, Niah
slalu rapat duduk bersama
ketiga tiga terror bab grammar
tapi sejak exam bermula
dah lame ak tak hang out dengan mereka
(will miss you)

okey budak dua ni baek punye
best buddies kat college la kiranye
yozie dgen panto both gile gile
tiggal ak yang waras ye
takde lah....diorang ni fun and ska ketawa
antara ciri2 tuk jadi member saya
jitra mall macam tempat yang fun gila
untuk membuang duit bersama
awal bulan bila jadi kaya...
mesti rindu korang punya!

joey dan hafiz duk kat blakang
supaya nak kluar rokok tu senang
dua dua otak blue cam HARAM
haha mesti rindu these two dum dum

ha ni lagi satu best buddy aku
yg peliknya gadoh setiap waktu
time exam study bersama2
menimbulkan gosip cilakaa
mark canales nama koyanya
gila messi sebab saiznyaa??.. ;)

Arief al baqri is a lelaki paling smart
tapi die SLALU dtg lewat
poyo dia nyanyi cam mariah
tapi tak, kari bajet tu tak yah!

last but not least is Encik zaini
tak cakap banyak apetah lg nyanyi
tapi i'll miss this guy sbb pendengar masalah
kadang kadang girls pun kalah..

demikian lah class TEsl five
tiga sem dah kita survive
harap harap semua pass exam
supaya jumpa lagi next sem!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

uncomfortable update

it is now exactly one hour to my final paper...Social studies

I regret to inform you that I'm suffering from mild burn out...

I've slept since early last night and woke up late today morning, ate...and now am feeling

Am feeling a bit like Macbeth before the final battle, when he knew he would lose, but would die trying...

yea like that.


okay off I go~~~

ah phooey

Okay, no effing way I'm studying tonight.

After any literature paper, all you want to do is slip into a deep deep sleep and wake up magically surrounded by hot curry puffs samosas and regular tuna (the kind pat's mom makes with onions and chillies)

Today's study crap session was a flipping disaster just waiting to happen.
Sorry Baqri, it wasn't what you bargained for, that's just the way it is with us sometimes.

pluss point I will be out of your lives in about 2 days!..

Coz at home, this brain don't bloggg...

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Okay, I struggled with this one, but if the question comes out in the exam, this is how I'm gonna do it..

Which plays a bigger role in determining who and why we are?
Nature or Nurture?

(I'll start with the definitions of both)

1. Nature refers to our genetic disposition that we are born with. For example, our genes that determine our

  • hair colour, 
  • what disease we may suffer from
2. Nurture on the other hand refers to how we are raised after birth. Factors include
  • the environment
  • the society

Nature and nurture play very important roles in determining what kind of human beings we become.

the conflict arises when scientists cannot agree on which plays the bigger role.
(okay my stand and topic statement)
in my opinion, nurturing ultimately shapes who we become.

We may inherit characteristics like stubbornness or laziness from our parents, but I believe that if we are raised in an environment that does not give us the chance to be so, we will not have those behaviours.
(support with example)
Let us take the example of feral children or children raised in isolation from human society.
Genie, not her real name, was discovered at the age of 13 after being confined to potty chair in a tiny room her whole life. she could not talk, walk, smile, or laugh simply because she hadn't been exposed to a reason to. (get to the point, stop crapping)
my point here is, even though she was born with the ability to talk and laugh (nature) she could not because of the condition she was brought up in (nurture)


wait ah
(not enough)

Secondly, I believe nurturing rather than nature determines what skills we posses. although some may say, "your football skills come from your father" I believe, it is because the son plays football a lot, not because he got the skills from his father.

Lets take the hypothetical situation of parents who had three sons raised in different surroundings. (don't get too crazy)

Boy raised in jungle VS boy raised in desert VS boy raised at home

All 3 are monkeys! HAHA okay....just a joke

*jungle boy may have super climbing skills
*desert boy may be able to withstand long periods without water
*home boy knows how to fix a lightbulb

so you see how the environment affects the skills we develop? (don't ask questions in the essay)

In conclusion, although both nature and nurture are components that make up a man, I opine that it is the nurturing that we receive that plays a more dominant role in the question of who we are.


other examples you can use.

1. There is no rape gene, rapists become rapists because of the environment they were raised in

2. No cleanliness gene. Singapore clean, Malaysia dirty not because, malaysians are cacat and don't have clean gene but because of values instilled into us.

Friday, 5 November 2010



*find your own quotes =D

Some people sympathise with Macbeth and some don't.

Those who sympathise with Macbetty say that

1.) He simply lacked human will power to resist temptation. How would YOU feel if someone said you were going to win a MILLION ringgit tomorrow??? 

therefore, he simply displayed human weakness by acting out to satisfy his desires; for power, for ultimate control, to be king!
his desire for power was so great that it overrode any qualms he had about betraying his King, a relative, as well as his own country. that must be A LOT of desire!

2) Besides he was struggling against supernatural powers who most likely had more control over him. the witches, and his wife who was filled with evil spirits. How could Macbeth go against these "instruments of darkness" so full of "direst cruelty" it is as if there is no way out.


3) But he struggles with his conscience. He knows what he is doing is treason, is morally wrong, and he feels remorse as soon as he has committed the crime and feels that knowing what he had done, it was better not to know himself. he feels disgusted with what he has done. In his desire and quest for power, Macbeth remains aware that his actions are shameful, and sacrilegious. So its okay lah! Poor macbeth.


okay for those who don't sympathise with macbeth
we've got a bit more isi

1. macbeth displayed immense weakness in controlling his desires from overpowering him. biasalah he is a man. 
The witches prophecies merely spoke of something that might take place in the future. kan? 

BUT greed drove Macbeth to take matters into his own hands and plot to kill the king. He only listened to advice that encouraged him to fulfil these desires.

listened to wife, but not to Banquo

2. Desire revealed Macbeth's true colours of being a hypocrite and a traitor.
he betrayed his king who is his own relative and guest in his house after earning the kings "double trust." 

3. macbeth knew what he was doing was a sin. He found that he could not even say "amen" after hearing Donalbain and Malcolm praying. His conscience troubles him often and causes hallucinations and ghostly apparitions, and voices.  
But Macbeth plunders on killing anybody in the way of his throne letting conscience take a back seat 

-when he murders the king
-when he has Banquo murdered
-when he has Macduff's family killed

4.  Lady Macbeth is another example of a gila who lets desire take control of her. 

because of her "deep and dark desires", she renounces her womanly nature, going against the natural order of things. she calls upon the spirits to turn her "milk" into "gall" and fill her from "crown to toe, top-full of direst cruelty"

the babi also challenges Macbeth's manhood and says that he is too "full o'the milk of human kindness" and says only when he kills duncan can he be called a man.
she fell prey to her own desires and was the final push that drove macbeth to commit the first murder. 

P.s this whole post is about one issue only. I believe we can choose to talk about Macbetty in a nice or not so nice way. =D

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Flood or no flood, Life must go on


This is day 3 of the flood here in Jitra. The water supply is out, food supplies everywhere are running low. There is garbage literally on every corner, and the rats come out at night.  

Do I sound like I'm under a staircase, dangerously floating on a piece of driftwood, in a darkened relief house while the raging waters tear up my town? 

Okay that's the atmosphere was going for.

Anyway, it's day 3 or four I'm not sure, but our water supply is being cut on and off. I don't know what the big idea is, or why the boys' supply isn't cut. 

Today, the cafeteria was open in the morning so I stocked up on buns and had a rice nice lunch. 

Studying is becoming soooo routine. Its killing me! Recently, all we do is sit in that hot place and open our books, talk crap and end up doing nothing. I go back feeling like I've learnt next to nothing. How now? the worst exams are coming up soon.
Now we've scrapped night sessions coz the cafe is closed at night...
We'll think of something la..

I have started sleeping late again! Wake up also late...haiyo f**k la!
Oh I stopped exercising a LOONGG time ago....
Arifuddin plays tennis everyday now...fuhh...gomo rich!

But I am becoming a fatty (cheeks) in my room, eating and sleeping and "studying wasting time"
heres  what I'm gonna do.
going to jog tomorrow morning if it doesn't rain...=D

this flood-no water-no fun-no food situation only makes me feel sorry for myself.


just think about all the people who have had their houses flooded and have had to evacuate their homes, and are desperate for food supplies...electricity and clean water..


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Themes in Macbeth

Hey reader, hope this helps!


  1. In my opinion ambition is the strongest theme in the play 'Macbeth' because ambition is the root cause of the chain of events that leads Macbeth to his tyrannical reign as king and ultimate death.
  2. When he first heard the witches' prophecies, the "deep and dark desires" are awakened in him. Macbeth's quest for ultimate powers sees an opening and immediately his mind plots murder.
  3. It is the very same ambition that leads Macbeth to renounce his loyalty to his country and to his King by betraying them both. although he is aware of the immense sin he is committing by betraying a man who was "here in double trust" as his king and "kinsmen" as well as his guest, conscience takes a back seat for his goal in realising his dark and powerful ambitions.


  1. The corruption of nature and everything natural plays a significant role in the turnout of events in the play 'Macbeth' by Shakespeare.
  2. Characters turn to unnatural means to accomplish or fulfil their deep desires. They are tempted and in the end fall prey to forces of darkness
  3. Macbeth, upon hearing the witches' prophecies begins plotting King Duncan's murder. although warned by Banquo that the "instruments of darkness" often won them "with honest trifles" were not to be "trusted home", macbeth finds himself intrigued by their words and is ever more determined to see them come true.
  4. by murdering the king, Macbeth cuts of the source of nurture, severing the root that feeds him, perverting nature (from source)
  5. the witches too insult nature and its natural course by speaking of the future
  6. lady Macbeth rejects her natural womanhood to be filled up from "crown to the toe, top-full of direst cruelty" she calls on spirits to aid her in this sacrilegious quest to achieve pure ruthlessness of a man.