Monday, 1 November 2010

Breathing Space

Hey reader, its been a while huh. I hope your day has been warm but not excruciatingly so, and cold but not so cold that you debate on whether to bathe in the morning.

Hmm... Lets start with the weather report.

I don't know what the sky was so depressed about but it cried for 3 whole days non stop.
I know this because my clothes have been soaking in the bucket for three whole days. HAHA. Raining wattt..

  BUT it has been super cold and I hate that it's during or exams, but at the same time luckily our area is not hit by floods or anything EXtremely leceh like that lah...
here are some guidelines if you are sitting for exams during rainy periods...


In other news, 

the exams are upon us. Usually I cry before any exam. Just to get the frustration out. Before UPSR, PMR, before SPM...Undang test, Driving test, 
But I didn't this time. 

I really think my study sessions in the cafe have proven very highly effective. It also has instilled a sense of discipline in me because I have been studying everyday at 
9am to 12pm at 
3pm to 6pm and 
at 9pm to 11pm. 

I'd rather not talk about the exams here. I hate talking about any paper after the thing is over because... 

1. My teacher in primary school told us NEVER to do it

but sometimes I can't do anything about it
for example

After the LDV paper...

Syafwan        : liza! i didn't 200 words! ahhh shitt!!!
Liza               : huh what???
Syafwan        : 200 words saja..ak da lebih!! shitt
Liza               : .......
Liza               : .......
Liza               : owhhh farkkkkkk....

you see..

so I always tell my kawan-kawan not to talk about the papers we've already sat for
or if they want to 
then don't talk to me about it lah

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