Tuesday, 29 September 2009


So yeah recently it was Jacinta Lopez birthday and we tried (but failed due to overly complex plans) to surprise her.
BUT heres how it all went down.

I was up North..heheh Kedah...and was worrying about this bums bday. Pat and Yean May were too i guess, coz Yean may msgd me.

yean may: lizamaria raphael parrikal. lol. what are we going to do for Jes birthday?

i was more concerned about what gift to get her. You see, i am selling crystal bracelets. LOL and thought that would be the ideal nay the PERFECT gift for her. then my roommate started selling ONE drop Perfumes, inspired by celebrities and i wanted to get THAT. but anyway, i hadn't tasted tom yam in a while, so when yean may asked, my reply was

liza: no need to surprise la, we jus go to have tom yam steam boat in a restaurant. any other ideas?

may: i was thinking TGIF.

liza: too far for eliz. her parents wont let. nvm. talk to pat first.

little did i know that Yean may thought steamboat was freaking lame. but later when she discussed with Pat, they both bang-ed me. LOL....

pats idea was sunway Lagoon then TGIF

pat: so i was thinking we tell darren to take her to sunway lagoon, say its with his friends, then its us instead!!! then we lepak in TGIF. they do the birthday thing.

liZA: ermm...far...la....wait wait sunway lagoon?? then TGIF? the pub?....money doesnt grow on trees la nut!!! (plus thinking of the Crystal bracelet)

pat: its not a PUB lah dumbass, its a restaurant. anyway, we dont eat alot in TGIF. you and i share. we eat a heavy breakfast before going....

liza: hmm..yea okla...



Jacinta goes to padang at night, decides to swing on the monkey bars. Someone said he would catch her, so Jes lets go, and cracks her shins on the platform thingy. jes is rushed to hospital and gets both her leggies bandaged.


no sunway lagoon. PHEW/ala.../haiyo pity her/now what to do/SCMT!!/darren DO NOT reveal anything!!

just TGIF, but the subang one. coz it was more convinient.

1) liza
2) pat
3) yean may
4) dhanya
5) yi chien

+jes and darren

jes guessed something was up though and surprise was LAME...but the food was good. pat and i ended up eating our own meals. yean may ordered a beef dish and could not eat beef, so she exchanged hers with pat's. lol. The TGIF guys did they're thing, flashed and gave jes a slice of birthday cake.

then we went bowling in pyramid.

then we went to jes house and pat and i slept over. kua kua kua.

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