Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Thank God for fresh starts

Hello reader, hope your start of the semester didn't involve a lost student ID and classes you couldn't sign up for. A breeze? lucky you.

Its the second day of the new semester, and I gave it the skip for a dental appointment ... check me out.

And I was thinking, aren't we lucky that there is always a new beginning of uni or school and that it isn't one continuous stretch throughout the years.

Somehow having a first day to look forward to gives us a little surge of excitement and determination to plan out the year. Buying that new notebook, and swearing to yourself you'll bring it to every lecture and learn shorthand, study them notes and get an A plus!.

notebook first page.

organizing your desk the before first day!

Two days later

Things might not always turn out the way we planned them, but its important to have those plans in the first place. I only have such visions the day before a new term so yes, new beginnings are vital to me!

So far I have learnt to keep those plans realistic. No I cannot study 10 chapters of every subject each day, as grand as it sounds. I cannot lose 15 kg in 3 weeks. Making ridonkulous plans is setting yourself up for disappointment, so...

Having said that, have great term ahead, don't screw up big time. That's one thing that's safe to tell yourself.