Monday, 24 October 2011

The word “literally”

Hello reader, hope you’re having a day minus any toothaches or unmanageable hair.   

Today’s topic is one that I’ve read about in another grammar blog but have never realised the importance of. 

Until I looked around and noticed that... i was hearing the word a lot.

Yes it seems like a big word, it IS FOUR syllables 
and to the average person you might even be hailed as a genius...but here’s the thing folks

If you misuse the word, you’re automatically a dumbass..

Like seriously

Like totally

Like litera...HONESTLY

A dumbass

You see the problem is most people think of “literally” like it’s some common adverb

But its not

So when you say

“He literally drives me up the wall”...wait what???

“I literally killed myself doing that!” izzz you talking right nowww??
“You literally *pause for effect* make me sick!” dude, go see a doctor...

When Is It Okay???

So obviously I’m not going to leave you hanging.

Exactly wnen can  you use the word “literally”

Well the way I see it, it’s like the Midas Touch where everything you touch turns gold....

only with “literally”, when you say it, you actually mean it in a literal sense.

When you say it, everything....becomes REALLL

“I literally fainted when I saw Britney”...

yes you lost consciousness at the sight of Britney.
It is possible.
Big word.

“I literally died and went to heaven when I saw Britney”
...not. possible. You. dumbass. 

The concept is unbelievably simple to grasp...if it can’t happen or just IS NOT possible, then you probably want to say...felt like?...or almost???....or seriously?? NOT literally!...