Monday, 19 December 2011

Two types of guys


Hey everyone, I was just reading Trifles, a pretty ingenious play written by Susan Glaspell which tells of the trifles or seemingly insignificant details that the women in the play notice. The men on the other hand are condescending in their dialogue and mock the women for their petty problems.

ANYWAY, this got me thinking, are all men like that?

Certainly a few lecturers I have come across...but... ALL men?? I certainly hope not.

Next, I thought of analysing the guys in my class to see what they were like, but then it HIT ME! I had the perfect opportunity to test the theory out.

When the boys in my class play futsal in the evenings, occasionally they don’t have enough players. When they are desperate they call me in to fill up the spot, and later on if people do come, they are too nice to tell me to get out.

Firstly, let me just say,


Just like dancing, I can’t play foot related sports that well, because I was born with poor brain-feet coordination. Yes, you could say I am retarded in that department.

So having a girl PLUS a handicapped player is not what everybody wants but here are two different types of guys that I have played with, and you decide which one you like better. No, I will decide.


Type one, will tell me to stand at the goal post. To just stand there and do nothing, because yes, we all know I’m a liability and may get in the way, BUT STILL... if that is my “JOB” honestly I’d rather jog...

And fine, but sometimes this one will shoot by himself...and if he doesn’t score...OH MY GOODNESS

then I’m like...=.=’’’’ I hate you.


Type 2 also knows that I am hopeless  but will say things like. “Come on Liza tackle, Liza, jaga die, Takpa takpa good try (I shot an own goal)... and at least I feel sort of useful...LOL....and this type of guy passes me the ball because there is a chance that I mIGHTTTT score....

So in life, you don’t want to end up with a man who falls under TYPE 1 who doesn’t think you amount to much, doesn’t think you can do anything and laughs at the fact that you MAY BE physically weaker.
*do I sound like I have been in and out of relationships??* LOL...

Men under type 2 will see your strong points, and let you play the game so to speak...and make you feel better about your self...

I know after reading, ignoring the whole point, my mother will probably call and say “What is this LISS... you playing football with boys??!!? Chehhh.”
and then my mother will ask "you have a boyfriend ah??" "don't lie ah Lizz.."
and then she'll conclude with..."anyway you stick to jogging...don't let anyone see you play football la...chih"

But anyway, my fears are eased because not ALL men are egoistic male chauvinist pigs..

Monday, 12 December 2011

And we're headed for the end of the beginning.

It just dawned on me that after this miserable week of lousy assignments *because they're all in BM* it will be the end of our first Degree year! As in I can say that...


In a way I'm glad that I've kept this blog. It shows how much I've changed since I was 18 pfft....
There have been no mushy posts...till now...much to my mother's relief I'm sure.

I don't know if that change can be called growing up... but I definitely feel like I have.

A while back, my father asked me what I was good at.

Have you been asked by your father , " actually, what are you good at?"

at first i was a bit hurt and annoyed

And I still think there is a MUCH better way of phrasing that question.

However, I realized that I rock at a lot of things! and then it didn't hurt so much anymore.

You see,  everyone has their own bit of awesomeness tucked away inside them and once you find it, let it show.

Which is why, my coming new year's resolutions are to stand up for everything I believe in and for what is right, not to be swayed by other people's thoughts, and to let my bit of awesomeness show!


If this is the final post of the year then

Monday, 5 December 2011

Campus Comedy: Malaysian Students

It's amazing how just one sentence can generate such a HUGE reaction. NO kidding. 

at the door....

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Classroom Clowns

Recently, much to my surprise, I discovered my friends Arifuddin and Ray were grouping everybody into categories according to "levels of humour"

The nerve!

the other day I made a joke...

we were put into the LAMPI category....LAMbat PIckup

Both these monkeys are quite funny ......and they know it.....and they are proud of it...pffft

Ray is good at Lawak Bodohs...and Arifuddin Lawak Aksi Lebih..
some of the things they say, i tell you...
ray's looking at the camera

and the annoying thing is they think none of the girls are funny.

but then again girls have a different brand of humour. For example Emily and I can be laughing about something till our sides ache, and no matter how many times we explain, the boys won't get it....sophisticated jokes? I'd like to think so...

Anyway it sort of reminded me of my cousin Pat and I when we were 15 and had no life...and tried to compete on who was funnier...we would count marks and write them in a book for goodness sake! we had comic drawing competitions and asked our friends to judge...i'll dig them out and post when i get the time....but erghh looking back now...none of those comics were funny!!! NONE..

Now, whenever we make a good joke, the compliment will usually be "one point" in memory of that stupid game....LOL...

Maybe you're wondering where I'm going with this....I am wondering the same thing....
Please understand that I was in the midst of completing an essay and needed a break

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

In Time

Rating: 7/10 (on thought provoking-ness)
HAHA factor: 2/10 (mostly AT the movie)
Predictability: 9/10
ACTING: 5/10 (nyehh)

Funny, how I came about watching this movie. You see the original plan was to watch the oh-so-awesome, raved about, REAL STEEL. But we weren’t in time to catch that, so we settled for this.

No spoilers I promise.

If you want a brief summary, think about a world where money was out of the equation and time was THE currency of life.

You age until 25 and then stop. After that, you are given a year to your life. You work, you earn more time. 
You waste time, your loss.

There are poverty stricken time zones (the ghettos) and the filthy rich time zones (Greenwich). It is an unfair world, the rich get richer the poor...die...

...much like today.

Hero: Justin Timberlake
Love interest/ Partner in Crime: Amanda Sdgfriegds
Mission: Save the economy
success: unknown...(no spoiler)

Anyway, Justin Timberlake and Amanda SifadterfuGFYD do make a cute couple. But that’s it. I predicted the lines on two occasions. Plus, I hated her hair in the movie. I hope she will not forever be “the dumb one” from Mean Girls for me.

The idea is a bit out there, but I applaud its trying to make us think outside what we believe possible.

But since Lord of The Rings, only the epic is meant for the big screen.

You’re not missing much if you catch it on DVD.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dear fair-weather Friend

It’s been a while since we’ve laughed, just laughed,

I never shared my troubles with you, 

Just the laughter. 

So now sue me

For trying to pick up where we left off

Equipped only with sunshine

Careful to leave out any storm clouds

Because after all

You are my fair-weather friend

You can’t handle the bad weather, friend

Unable, incapable of ...

And soon enough you’ll need me


and seek me


and be nice


And I’ll say sod off...

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Becoming famous: childhood fantasy or possible reality?

Hello reader, I sincerely hope your day was relatively awesome without any crushing heart-to-hearts or period cramps or smell of decaying animal around the porch...none of that? good to hear...

Now remember when we were five (or thereabouts) and dreamt of becoming rich and famous...

Yes it all started with that que sera sera song (lyrics here)...

And then we subsequently ditched that dream in place of what I call insanely predictable life....

But now, I’ve been doing some thinking (yes I do that occasionally) and figured that it is rather easy to become famous these days.
What with youtube and facebook encouraging us.

I mean all you have to do is screw up these days...and instantly...

Hence, I’ve dug up that dried and shriveled up dream of mine and am giving it another go

in other words, yes, you'll hear of me soon enough! but not for screwing up I hope...TEE HEE

Monday, 24 October 2011

The word “literally”

Hello reader, hope you’re having a day minus any toothaches or unmanageable hair.   

Today’s topic is one that I’ve read about in another grammar blog but have never realised the importance of. 

Until I looked around and noticed that... i was hearing the word a lot.

Yes it seems like a big word, it IS FOUR syllables 
and to the average person you might even be hailed as a genius...but here’s the thing folks

If you misuse the word, you’re automatically a dumbass..

Like seriously

Like totally

Like litera...HONESTLY

A dumbass

You see the problem is most people think of “literally” like it’s some common adverb

But its not

So when you say

“He literally drives me up the wall”...wait what???

“I literally killed myself doing that!” izzz you talking right nowww??
“You literally *pause for effect* make me sick!” dude, go see a doctor...

When Is It Okay???

So obviously I’m not going to leave you hanging.

Exactly wnen can  you use the word “literally”

Well the way I see it, it’s like the Midas Touch where everything you touch turns gold....

only with “literally”, when you say it, you actually mean it in a literal sense.

When you say it, everything....becomes REALLL

“I literally fainted when I saw Britney”...

yes you lost consciousness at the sight of Britney.
It is possible.
Big word.

“I literally died and went to heaven when I saw Britney”
...not. possible. You. dumbass. 

The concept is unbelievably simple to grasp...if it can’t happen or just IS NOT possible, then you probably want to say...felt like?...or almost???....or seriously?? NOT literally!...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The major decision!

Planned to iron out batik at 10pm. Two hours later...After a series of unfortunate events driven by pure procrastination, I dragged the stubbornly scrunched up cloth down the stairs to the ironing room. Forgot to bring water. Shit. Ironing batik is labour intensive. I know that now. Without water, five minutes of pressing, can turn into a cruel two hours of delusional, paranoia of seeing creases disappearing, and watching them menacingly grow back in the exact same spot. Yes, grow. At one point I hoped I would burn a hole in it!  

Let me describe the IPDA batik. It’s blue, has swirly patterns, and was made in a place called Crinkle Hell.

Let me describe MY IPDA batik. It’s blue, has swirl patterns, was made in a place called crinkle Hell, has a torn button on top, armpit sweat stains that won’t come off, and is missing the skirt hook that burst off last year.

Tomorrow... Hari Raya celebration on campus! Those who don’t celebrate were required to wear batik. When the announcement was made, I heard “patik” but that didn’t make sense, so I decided it must have been “cantik”. Later Moga clarified that. B-A-T-I-K Thanks Moga.
So as I perspired over the ironing board...
 I was thinking

Why do we have to be the stupid uniformed fashion disaster. REBEL. Wear your Punjabi suit. Just to piss them off

On the other hand, I’ve spent two friggin hours of my life on trying not to burn what deserved to be burned a long time ago!

On the other hand, screw the two hours, I’ll save this for another day when people least expect me to wear it. Its all about standing out.

On the other hand, wearing the hideous thing when people least expect me to would be downright stupid. You’ve ironed it, fuck it, just wear it.

On the other hand, when I wake up LATE tomorrow, its just going to be flapping on the hanger AS CRINKLED UP as EVER as if I never ironed it. Don’t let it do that to you.

On the other hand, TWO HOURS...LIFE....WTF!!

On the other hand, SO WHATTTT...COTTON baju kurung hmmmm..comfort...temptinggg...

On the other hand............---BLANKKKK---

After a few more minutes of Reb-Tevye-styled thinking, that was that, I chucked the batik aside, and got ready for a good night’s sleep, a process which includes listening in on roommate teasing, shouting, and being lovey (in that order) with boyfriend in Tamil...getting bored and knocking off.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


If this post takes a long time to load, I'm sorry but I put in a lot of drawings to help depict everything so you can understand better. 

NOw, where was I?

 While most of my peers were really and truly enjoying their holidays; travelling to Europe, vacationing at the beach and eating pretty much anything they wanted or in other words shake legs or in other words goyang kaki, I decided to become a slave.

But since slavery was a new experience, at first I was a happy slave...

But I have never been able to handle doing the same thing for long periods of time....and after a while I started off on a downward spiral of self loathing, and immense pity and hatred of life.

I felt trapped and the world could see me but no one would help me.
Okay maybe that was when I tripped in the display window, and people stared

BUT became a shitty life...

I also suffer from very very mild autism....and must sit in the same spot for my break everyday. The bench outside on Niichi. If someone else sits there....i get paranoidd...people might be looking, I'll never be able to eat, they STOLE my spot....

But Then Life Got Better...


NUMBER 1. I made some pretty awesome friends at work. Nurul and Yongfei, Fard, Izzat, Kahfai, Siew ying, Hui shien, Anas and Bernard, and Ai Kee!. they made life bearable la.

NUMBER 2 Frequent visits from my friends HAHA. Jes, Pat and Eliz, Evon, Azah came by more than once to have a word, or criticize the jeans. Lol.

NUMBER 3  a huge sense of fulfillment that accompanies  when I recommend a jeans type or take someone's measurements and they're happy with what they've tried on. 

and NUMBER 4 .

Friday, 22 July 2011

For those who are mildly curious...and easily smile

I've done so many cool things recently I can't believe no one knows this! OMG!...oookayyy spastic movement....moving on...

Right where do I start!?!?!


All-Terrain Vehicles.

two syllables AWE- SOME....
nearly rode off a cliff, and I got bitten by leeches but it was still AWE-SOME.

Next, friends at work..

friends at home...

Work Work Work...

More funn

Laser Tagging!!!

This was more awesome than ATV because there was a much reduced chance of one literally dying. 
deactivation is the ultimate downer...


Hari Kantin!!
nothing beats revisiting the Hectic Lameness of juniors of your Old School. 



photos will be uploaded
that was the most awesome experience of the week.....month.....year....LIFE..
coz it was freeeeeeeeee HAHA..

More friends at work

Savio's 1st Birthday Party

the little gundu is growing up

For those who don't know, Matthias Savio Lopez is Jes' nephew/godson

we took in some helium from the balloons after the party...*hehehehe*

I hate

"To be continued..."
so I'm going to finish this even though my battery is lowww...

Friends from college 

Correction: Friend from college. Meet Joey. 

Arief came down will be uploaded soon...=))


PLENTY of MAMAK and KOPITIAM hang outsss

thats all for now!

Till the next time...on PArdon The Language. =DD