Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dealing with the generation gap

I don't get people who are in their twenties and say "god I feel old" whenever...whatever the circumstance. How do you feel old? What do you mean you feel old? Have you seen old people? Stop making such a big deal and move on. HAHA and then I had this huge overreaction. 

So the other day...
I was trying to guess what year my Form 1s were born in...
Me: How old are you?

Student: I am 13 years old

Me: Very good, so you all were born in...hmm...nineteen ninety...

Students: ...............2001

Me: *Audibly gasps* Whattttt!? NO you're not!!!...people born in the 2000s are babies! 

Of course 2001 was 13 years ago.

This makes perfect mathematical sense.

Just not in-relation-to-self sense. 

Another over-reaction

I was handling the English Club meeting (the intake is so small, really, it's like holding a group discussion)

And after forcing a game of taboo, I tried to "get to know them". Thank goodness I invested time and brain cells in K-pop music over the years, because that's all they listen to really. 

At first I thought I would keep it real, go back to basics, and get some girl power in there

I mentioned

West life? *crickets*
okay NSync! *fan whirrss*
BLUE?! *chair creaks*
BACK STREET BOYSSSS!!!!! ...yeahhh! *someone yawns*

And all that stared up at me were these vague, empty, blank, faces, that I had never encountered at the mention of Back Street Boys...

I was so frustrated and nearly translated it in BM Lelaki Jalan Belakang. 

So then what do you like?

"K-pop" "One direction" 

Damnit, why do I keep forgetting this age gap?

Rightttt...sorry, forgot. 

P.s. But for some reason, even this generation hates Justin Beiber.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Today I have the misfortune of sitting in for 120 minutes (3 periods) in the removed class (PERALIHAN)

New teacher image

5 minutes in,  two of them start shouting "pigu" (mandarin for 'buttocks') at some girls walking past. 

In my limited knowledge of Mandarin, "pigu" had made it's way into my vocabulary. 

So I grab my handy plastic ruler and rap the offenders on their palms (which they offer up quite quickly, much to my annoyance)

As soon as I turn my back, another one yells out the window..."WOIIII PIGU!" 

I spin around and yank the offenders ears, a punishment that always brought immediate apologies growing up in my household. Sure enough...

"OWW. sorry laoshi...sorry laoshi"

"ONE MORE TIME I HEAR YOU SAY THAT WORD...." I brandish the ruler and glare at them 

I even swat the air a few times for effect of the "whoosh sound"

"okay okay, cikgu tau meh pigu itu apa!?"


"okay okay"

I take five steps towards the teacher's table and then I hear it...

A low...soft...chanting...of 6 or 7 boys,a unified harmonious, even haunting minion tune...


I sigh.... look down at my watch.....only 15 minutes have gone by...