Wednesday, 3 April 2013

First World Problems

What do you do when your lows are more frequent than your highs????

 Hey reader, lets skip the hellos and how've-you-beens, because this is MY first world problem and I know i (up to this point) have sounded like a pretty happy-go-lucky, laid back and make lemonade type of person, but the truth is...I have been down some (mental) dark alleys myself and this particular one I'm on, doesn't even have street lamps. Uh oh.

Now first let me highlight three things
1. the vital importance of being motivated
2. there is truth in the sentence "surrounded by friends and being alone"
3. getting out of the funk


I don't know what your views on motivation are, but I recognize (in my current circumstance especially) the need to be constantly motivated. It is regrettable that this source of drive does not come from within me, and therefore I always have to draw up and create it for myself. \

But what happens when you aren't in a good place yourself? My motivation source has depleted, and I am left dragging my feet

The world is made up of two kinds of idiots. 

The ones who get pissed over nothing. and the kind who slips on piss. 

Unfortunately I am of the latter category. 

I choose not to explain myself further. Haha. 

2. Solitary in good company

Recently a good friend of mine, expressed genuine shock when I told her that I felt sad and angry about something. She could not for the life of her believe that EYE was capable of feeling anything.  I guess this is testament to the kind of relationships I have and build. 

Which probably means that the problem lies within me. *sigh*
What can I say? I like the way I operate, less you show the better. Alas this also means, the less people know how to deal with you.

But I take great consolation in the fact that I have God, my family and a few crazies in my life to keep this engine running. =))

3. Getting Out of the Funk

What do you do 
to finally breakthrough
the trunk load of junk 
that causes the funk?

You sit on your bum 
and make your face glum
and trust me you'll see
the "people don't like meeee"

You get up and smile 
think happy for a while
and the funk will go away 
and satisfaction will stay. 

Always ALWAYS beware of the funk
It’s dark and foul and stinks likes a skunk
And when the funk comes out to play
You’d best breathe happy gas all day



"I am the coolest person I know" and THAT ladies and gentlemen is the secret to staying positive.

our iceberg community

Sometimes cracks appear but no one sees them coming