Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Last Day of Class

Based on the above title one might think that it had a great deal of sentimental value, full of photographs and autograph signing. Well, it wasn't quite that meriah. Exams are literally four days yea you get the picture..

this is a method that a lot of students apply before exams.
So I am used to it.
I'm sure some of you would agree.

 If there's one thing I hate more than sitting for exams, it's studying for them (anaphoric). Which is why studying with Arif Ruzlan is beneficial, because he WANTS to study.

So thanks boh!

Lose yourself EMINEM

Hello Reader,
Are you on the brink of exams as well? Coming here for some mental relief? okay. We're in the same sampan.

My version of Lose yourself by Eminem

Palms are itchy,
Knees ache,
Arms are hairy,
There's sweat on on her sweater already,
Cold and clammy
She's nervous but on the surface she looks calm and ready
to hit balls
But she keeps on forgetting what she she learnt now
the whole crowd watches now
she lifts up her arm
but the ball drops right down
She's choking now
everybody's joking now,
the clocks run out,
40- love over

Snap back to reality
OP there goes gravity UP there goes gravity
choke she's so mad
but she wont
give up up that easy...

Kay lah the rest dont fit with the song

Sunday, 24 October 2010

One Important Memory

Hello reader, 
I hope you had class until 5pm as well! Nyahaha

okay moving on.

I come from an all girls school. Convent Klang.

Once upon a time, when I was 16, a new trainee teacher came in for practicals.

 She had not even begun and we hated her! Of course lah, new teacher...

anyway, she was nervous. it was her first day. She was supposed to do literature with us. 

She introduced herself and where she came from.

And then...suddenly

she made ONE TINY grammatical error. 

I giggled. My friends giggled.

WE STOPPEd listening.

Every time she came in after that, we took it as a free period. 

WE ignored her. 


then one day

She came in...

We ignored her


She she walked to the back row, where I sat and said,

"What did I do wrong? Why won't you girls respect me?"


"I'm just new here. Can't you listen to me when I teach? Why are Convent girls so mean???"

"Every time I come in you laugh at me"

then she cried.

I swear I felt bad...


I just laughed...We all was so pitiful and surprising that, we just laughed.

then my friend said:  
"Teacher, what do you mean we don't respect you? 


"How would you like us to treat you?" 


"Wouldn't you agree that respect should be earned?"

the teacher just cried and walked out of class.

Today my lecturer warned us to beware of the infamous Convent criticism when we teach.

 Looking back I realise how MEAN, RUDE and disrespectful we were. WE expected the English teachers to be perfect.

But that's the reality folks! You teach in a Convent, that's what you're up against. 

My friends and I in form 5. 

I'm not proud of what I did. but Pn. Faridah's example of Convent girls suddenly caused this flashback.

So I'm telling 


Thursday, 21 October 2010

thank you for today! =D

Hello reader, 
from the bottom of my heart, I hope your day was wickedly awesome (oxymoron) in the sense that it was NOT painfully dull (oxymoron) meaning that it was strangely predictable (oxymoron) ...yet mine always is

everyday, I try to thank God for my life....but sometimes its hard...

He works in mysterious ways...

Monday, 18 October 2010

Note to the Reader

Hey reader,
Hope your end is either as bright as mine, or better...=D

The other day, Mr. Siva carried-out-kan this really eye-opening activity with us.
we were required to  write 2 good points and 1 negative point about everyone in our class.

today he read them out loudly,

then he stopped reading the good points and started with the bad..

mine included
1. not serious and a bit laid back
2. laughs at the wrong times
3. screechy voice

then some of my friends told me they wrote
1. crazy
2. egoistic
3. gets emotional quickly.

I have to improve myself. I will.

Following the really good day I know you are having,
           It's up to you to help me when I forget sometimes. Yes, I insist. Remind me that I have to really think before I say stuff and that "Success is not an inheritance. Failure is not a tradition." (malay proverb translation)

and that just because I don't know something, it doesn't mean everyone loses respect for me.
okay the last part no need...someone did already


Friday, 15 October 2010

dopey days

Okay, (I don't know why I always start with okay) the past few days have been not so interesting to blog about but allow me to bore you to tears anyway...

ooh hang on,

ok wait you can't really see the shirts 
ahh there we go ..

these fun "cheer you up" t-shirts cost us rm 10 each. 

heard of nasyid Marc?
anyway this super famous nasyid group came to our college and held a concert 

so you know me, 
where there are remotely famous people, 
there I will be!
really enjoyed NOWSEEHEART (grp name) with Azie, Emily and Siti (azie's neighbour)
their voices are awesome
pluss they have a good sense of humour


I went jogging with the two bums up there around IPDA. Previously, it was their "thing" so i just entered the friday jogging club i
then we very determinedly marched all the way to the roadside food court to the fourth stall in order to purchase nasi lemak and teh tarik, the ultimate malaysian breakfast 
~laughed talked gossip~
and walked back

then I was determined to stay and sleep
at 3pm, I promised Helena Arif that i would do MUET practice with him.
BUT then
this little persuasive kid by the name of Haryanis, 
managed to tempt me to go to Jitra mall, to maybe catch a movie and "ushar" all the clothes in the world

I went ( in my head I remembered  have to be back by 3pm)

we went, but there was no nice we walked around...and saw soooo many cheap+ nice shoes, bags, clothes, specks phones, SHOES, BAG, CLOTHES and many more...

luckily i brought my brains along to Jitra Mall and decided it would be 
 unwise to buy everything in the shop

below is an epic conversation between my vital organs

HEART: Heyyy, that looks nice, LIZa BUY IT NOW!

BRAIN: wtf heart, shut up...NO NEED TO not be STUPID

HEART: ooohhh tshirt RM 10!!! GET it!!!!!!!!!!

BRAIN:  Lizamaria listen to me. this is your brain speaking. If you buy it you will have NO money for food   and will STARVE to death
and Manju will find your body in your room rotting like an idiot with an empty wallet
and a new ciplak Thailand tshirt. and No ONE will GO to an idiot's funeral!

HEART: jeez..*speechless*

so I followed my brain's advice, and didn't get anything.

except some cool button badges for me and my friends =D

suddenly i became uncomfortable.. I KNEW there was something important I had to do....but i couldn't remember what.

MUET practice!! 3 pm!!
I glanced at my phone...2.55pm and we were eating super chun hot 
nasi goreng...farrrkkkkk

so I told him we were still in Jitra, and I would be a bit late.
he seemed aite so I took my time...
in the end we arrived at 4.30 pm...but I had good fun with Emily Azie and Siti, 
Emily almosst boght jeans but decided they were not worth it in the end.
Good for saying 'no' emily...

okay typing is getting so dull, my fingers are protesting...jfkaib fr see what i mean jfkdlshpga h]0` t
stop it fingers!
okay i've entertained myself doing that..

here's what arif went through

sorry boh!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Penny for my thoughts?

Sorry I'm forcing this on you, reader. I'm going to try to be as blunt as possible in this post, and I love putting in dumb dramatic cartoons, pictures, or dialogues, but this is supposed to be serious. =P

okay seriousness starts now!

okay now! serious now!

 let me just explain that my phone is on the verge of committing suicide...its organs are failing. sometimes I don't receive messages. Sometimes they arrive two hours later. Sometimes I think no one is replying the messages that I send...and then I get depressed!

But after restarting my phone, I get a shitload of messages that I missed, and

I'm very sorry if I ignored you or bitch stared you thinking you were a jerk for not replying.
I'm sorry if YOU guys thought I was a cow for not replying when you asked important questions
I'm sorry also if YOU were telling me something, and I never replied with a thanks.

I NEVER got those messages till the next day.
sorry vina, emily and others that I am too ashamed to put here.

thoughts that constantly play in my kepalahotak everyday, is

What is the difference between being useful and being used?
 I like to think that I'm being useful
How on earth do you know if you're being shamelessly exploited.

How do you know if you are friends because of your personality?, or only for what they can get from you...?

How do you fucking know?

Do I bore people half to death with my lame jokes and hopeless reactions?
Are people really listening when I talk to them? or are they just waiting for me to shut up so they can get back to their problems? Am I sometimes wasting my breath talking to these people?

Am I a god forsaken "people-pleaser"?? Why in the world do I always feel like I need to do something to make people happy with me?

I ALWAYS wonder if people think I'm actually nice or just a loser who sometimes makes them laugh.
these questions are jigsaw pieces I'm still trying to fix

Yes there is a danger of me becoming paranoid, but I really do wonder about all those questions.
I asked God once, but he hasn't replied....maybe he did, but I never received it.:P
joking aside, I'm sure I'll come to the answer with patience.

Friday, 8 October 2010


From the time I was born, till about 15 years of age, I grew up under the day care of an Indonesian maid. Both my parents worked and there was no one to look after the five of us at home.


Anyway, we were made to call our maid "kakak"...

This is why, even when I went to school, I thought "kakak" meant maid....which led to a few complications

Looking back now, I can't believe how rude we were to kakak Zainab when we were young.

Liza: awak! Saya mahu milo!

Marc: Awak! saya mahu roti dengan kaya!

Marlene: saya mahu nugget!

Kakak Jenab: ya ya ....tengok kakak tengah cuci kamar mandi ini..sekejep

Liza: awak! Cepatlahhh!!!

I don't know why we called her awak and sometimes kamu or engkau. Those were the pronouns I learnt in school I guess. Plus, I was an idiot brat with no manners. Her life was probably miserable.

I remember her going back to Indonesia for the holidays and she came back with sooo many doughnuts that she made.

we watched pokemon and ate them all on the first day!

My elder brother who already was in standard 6 told us to stop calling her awak and start calling her kakak Jainab or just "kakak"

We thought that would be so weird!

But my brother said it was the correct way, he learnt in school, so we started

I stopped asking her to make stuff for me unless it was something to cook


Liza : kakak, boleh bikin maggi mee?

Kakak: nung, mummy udah suruh buat nasi. Lisa udah tanya mummy belom

Liza: sudah! Belom la belom la. dia akan cakap tak boleh. Saya tak mau nasi dan ikan

Kakak: adu coba dulu nung, kalo tak suka, kakak bikinin apa saja yang lisa mahu

Liza: okay..=(


I learnt a lot of Indonesian vocab from her, and she picked up quite a few English words from us

Shoe- spatu
Bicycle- sepeda
Sepray- bed sheets
Naughty- bandel
Buket- ember
Yesterday- kemarin
Drawer- laci
Towel- handuk
When I was 15, kakak Jainab had been struggling with knee pains and she was already 50 years old. Running around the house wasn't so easy anymore. My mother also wanted us to grow up, so we said our last goodbye to kakak. I cried!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

HAPPY campers part 2

just for the fun of it, i'll blog about stupid camp in BM.

okehh, skarang kami/kitaorang/kita dah masuk hari ketiga camp bodo ini. khabar angin cakap ada spot check malam ni, jadi hancurlah harapan saya untuk bermalam bersama roomate.

untuk mini KAGUM, saya telah masuk secara paksa/rela dalam pertandingan usungan (ejaan?) dan balutan. saya bukannyer pro walaupun dengar lecture pasal first aid. tetapi, John kata, saya hanya perlu "panggil 999". okeh lah kalau macam itu.

saya bersedia bersama Azie Haryanis, yang kurang puas kerana dipaksa...
x puas hati

TETIBA, encik pulaupinang, kata kami kena tahu semua ikatan, cara angkat semua!!, otak saya dengan automatiknyer menjadi kosong


Azie hampir nangis sebab kebetulan dia tidak hadir pun ceramah first aid tu....siapalah yang paksa budak ini join. Lantas itu, Jon, meminta joey menggantikan tempatnyer


aku pun berusaha mencari pengganti yang lebih layak... 

*flash back ke ceramah first aid*

Arif Ruzlan agak menonjol, sebab sentiasa dipilih untuk mebuat demonstration, dan dia pun nampak seperti free petang itu so saya pun meng approach dia dengan hati hati sebab kalau tersalah cakap sikit, baik aku cakap dengan batu atau pokok atau meja atau kerusi.

so dengan hati hati dan sopan santun saya cakap

liza:    wei wei wei!!! please join the balutan and usungan shit!! you're damn good right!. join lah. I don't know how to do, jst take my place
arif:    ak tak pandai bodoh(oxymoron?) untuk ape?. taknak aku
liza:    eh please lah, 8 people joining we need like four more!

 part ini menakjubkan

arif: ok ok jom

*ternganga sebentar*

liza:  ok thanks ko ganti aku tau....

arif:  babi! x nak

 tetapi Jon dah nampak dia so dia tak boleh escape...namun saya tetap pleasantly surprised sebab dia setuju mengjoin...

jadi lepaklah, kita tiga orang (emily, azie dan aku) di bilik aircond sementara john and the geng lari lari atas track...membalut orang.

lunch pada hari ini, ada nasi, tomyam soup, ikan bilis sambal, dan ikan goreng...fuhhh emily tidor di bilik masa ini, dia tak tahu betapa lazatnyer kami makan itu....

okay lah...malam ini ada persembahan orang kena buat...saya escape. jadi penonton saja lah...

tee hee

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Zainy and the search of the epic poem

okay, A week ago, our Literature teacher asked us pick a poem on nature and present everything about it in class. pair work.
 my partner was none other than Mr. Zaini Ismail
for those of you who dont know Zaini, these are the many faces of the monkey

anyway, we chose a  simple poem called grass
liza:    hey grass looks nice
zaini:  okay whatever, you choose
liza:    okay grass
zaini:  ok
liza :   ok set
*log out of messgr*

the next day, the first two groups came up with deep long poems, 
i felt that grass was a bit trivial to be discussed in depth
liza:    wey, ours is like lame
zaini:  hahaha hehehe, tu lah
liza:    lets change
zaini:  kita tukar!
liza:    yea! tukar!
zaini:  okay tukar!
liza:    yea!
*log out of messgr*
the next day, zainy forgot about it, i forgot about 7.00pm, i remembered! and tried to contact zainy.
tried to contact
zainy did not pick up the phone
did not reply the mssgs
no one knew where this boy went
so i thought he passed away in an accident
and was lying in a drain somewhere, 
when suddenly
*buuzz buzz*
liza:    hoi bodo! ang kat mana!??!
           ak punyalah takut!
zainy: ahaha ad keje skit
liza:    ok how now?
we agreed to meet at the settle this.

the poem we chose was 
Nature, the gentlest mother is by emily dickinson
finished the slides at 1am!!..

next day, 
*jeng jeng jeng*

azie:  liza mtk tolong skit...camne point of view?
liza:   bg contoh line dari poem ko
azie:  nature *bla bla bla* gentlest bla bla mother is
liza:   ape?!?!???!! ko wat poem tu??
azie:  a'ah. ape s..
liza:   ak pownn!!!

long story short, I came to class, told zainy

zainy:  yee ker!!!
liza:     ya
I felt like this

liza:    kk nvm we do something new
zaini:  yea kita tukar!
liza:    yea tukar!
zaini:   yea!
liza:    ok da cukup

in the end we chose
"the war against the trees" 
which no one else was doing!!!
and presented it on sunday evening

but some of my classmates were sleeping during our presentation
i cant really blame them
it was 4.30 pm...our poem was so loongggg
and there was air cond.


oh and emo monkey tried to steal my earplugs! bad monkey!

Arif Ruzlan also said he would play tennis...but later, when I was ALREADY at the court, smsed saying he wanted to "watch football lah"
simple bodo excuse...
so i played with Haryanis Sharapova