Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mentally challenging moments in IPDA

Like Dumbledore's pensieve, this is where I will extract some of my memories, little instances that I remember vividly and smile. =)

and ROFL excuse me if the way I type sounds hoity-toity..:P

I walk the length of my very quiet room. Emily is over at her grandmother's place for the weekend and the silence I am left with is deafening. I sit down on the bed and lean against the wall. I get up from my bed and shut down the laptop that has been playing songs for the past three hours. I sit on the floor and stare at the walls. In my head, I feel like vomiting and screaming at the same time. I get up and walk towards the door. Hearing screams outside makes me yank the door open. Nothing. No one. The distant screams come from somewhere on the ground floor. Peeking over the balcony, I see a group of girls sitting around on the badminton court below having a screeching time it seemed. Suddenly feeling stupid and alone, I retreat into my room.

My stomach growls. It is 8pm. The cafe would be buzzing with laughter and good humour. More importantly, it would be full of people. I frown angrily at the fact that there was no one to call down to eat with me.


We met Alena today. Meeting up with Alena is always interesting, so its safe to say that today was a very interesting day. I would love to launch into the details of our meeting with her, but am afraid it will cause intolerable boredom on your part. I will however blog about my communicative skills. You see, today provided the perfect exhibit for me to look back on and reflect.

We WERE an odd party, I'll admit that. There was Alena, Viola, Aaron, Patricia, Jacinta, Marc (bro) and myself. This wasn't the usual group, and despite thinking that conversation would be forced the whole time,I was wrong. Why? different people whose current affairs we knew next to nothing about. It was easy as hell to ask Aaron what he was doing now, Viola how college was, and Alena what her plans were for next year. We ended up laughing a lot. After eating, Jacinta's cards saved the moment of blurness where we didn't know what to do with ourselves. KURAP was highly entertaining and we were laughing like crazy bums...

I noticed that before anyone can ask how I'm doing, I always ask the question first so that they have to do the talking. Immediately after they answer, I ask some other question that requires an explanation, so that again I escape..hehe...heh,...haih...idiot..

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Opening my eyes that morning, every morning is a challenge. I wonder momentarily if all newborn babies feel the same sense of annoyance....probably not...exactly. First, there is the getting used to the light...then, the painfully acute awareness of eye crust in the eye after I try to shut them, which makes me snap them open again, and as I slide my fingers to get the crust out, my eyes begin to water as they always do, but by then I'm awake.

The new bed I've inherited does not do much for my posture. The mattress sinks in the middle and i wake up to a horrible back ache. As Laura so clearly pointed out, I no longer lived here. My home is in Kedah and Klang, a sort of holiday-home, making me a guest. A year ago, my parents bought me a bed, solid wood not chipped. Since i moved to Kedah, this bed has been occupied by Laura Ann and this forces me to go for the old creaky one against the wall.

I check my phone for the time. 11.30pm. Crap, thats half the day gone. Wait, I have nothing to do. There are 17 steps that make up my staircase. I used to count it everyday when I was younger just to make sure it was 17. On the tenth step I realize i left my specs on the bed. It is moments like these that I wished we lived in a single-storey house.

Im aliveee! *gruntss*

I'm home again and have a lot to do! For starters, driving...urgh it's more daunting than I expected...but I have to do it or I never will!!!...and then there is planning how I want to start out next year. NO I'm not missing IPDA...urgh, but I'm just looking forward to next year and all the activities we are going to do.

You know how everyone has A subject, something that they OWN or is their THING. I want it to be Literature. so I'm catching up on my reading now. Currently reading Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Namesake." I started Maugham's "of Human Bondage" but took a break reading that...heavy not to mention slow-moving and dreary stuff man!

hung out with them a lot as well!...hmm there was the mamak the other day, with Shalini, Elizabeth, and Mingke apart from the two bums i see almost on a daily basis. lol:p.

then there was Twilight with siblings, pat, jes and Darren. YAWNNNN for twilight though!...

Recently badminton with pat, jes, shalini, jes brother Ashok, yean may, yi chien, song and cindy. That was fun. Hadn't seen Yean May in ages...looking tan from all the games of volleyball she played..

In between, i attended two book fairs and one wedding. Quite busy huh!

NOT forgetting, my dental this thursday. Still have them on. the braces i mean.