Wednesday, 26 August 2009

holiday day 6

well, like we planned, i did go out to subang parade with the sibs, AND purchased two blouses, but sadly the blouses did not come home with us tonight. dont know who to blame... hehe, ah whatever lah, too tired too get annoyed...

TODAY, i sent a text message to the HEP people from IPDA, asking if the putrajaya thing got cancelled, praying it was, knowing it wasnt.
its not cancelled which means, tomorrow is my last day in klang.

HAVENT PACKED MY BAGS...(no surprise there)cant blame me innit, i thought i was surely going to have a longer holiday...

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


i did absolutely NOTHING. except watch csi.

Somehow everyone from my class (in kedah) is asking me if putrajaya is still on. maybe coz i live in selangor, they think i'll pop my head out the window, and see how merdeka preparations are going putrajaya

IM NOT SURE. did you receive a phone call from IPDA? no? neither did I. we'll all go to PUTRAJAYA then. but tis nice to keep in touch. :P


--> my dental appointment is in september, which is not too far off.

--> tomorrow morning will be spent shopping in subang parade, with my siblings. i dunno why subang parade, but wth...=~)

--> thursday hopefully will be spent sweating in taman rakyat with yean may, sock mun and yi theng (whom i havn't seen in ages) and bryan.

oh yeah did some major picture hunting for the mini exhibition on counter culture (tht i regret choosing). wish i had picked popular culture instead. WAIT. NO I DONT. we will make it work!!...semangat. hmm....why did i leave all my home work in ipda??...why??...all of it...sigh..why...(hey that rhymes)

speaking of rhymes
for our first literature lesson we were asked to compose a poem, with a piece of nature as a theme.

mine was about the forest, i can't type the poem coz i forgot it, and all my books are in Jitra. (anticlimax)
it went something like,
the forest growls and smells minty fresh, and is crunchy like a kit kat bar...
(no none of it rhymed)...

this H1N1 thing is getting serious back in IPDA. its all anyone ever talks about. two of our students were confirmed with it. and the baskets are still not closing!

when i came back here, nothing, no ones wearing masks. oh but they're all coughing... but no masks, oh too!..
i promised my class mates over there, that i'd bring back soem cool books for them to read...and am also going to smuggle some movies (ones that we no longer watch lah) to kedah.

father has asked me to get a guitar there, instead of taking the one here. wow! oh own money i suppose. no problem.

Monday, 24 August 2009

holiday day four

i have temporarily abandoned my exercise-book-journal. and will blog my holidays online.

day two was mingkes birthday
day three- church and breakfast with pats family... and danny..

ahh it's been sooooo long since i had indian last..ghee thosai and milo panas. that was good.
the rest of the day was spent at home with my family, trimming plants, choosing books and magazines that i wanted to take back to kedah. facebooking, and blog-hopping..
day four- movie with yean may and bryan.

i love you beth cooper is such a sad pathetic attempt at a goodness, everytime theres a dialogue, you just want them to shut up....hayden wtv from hot thats it..

i removed and then fixed guitar strings for the first time!! without any tools!! thanks for your kepercayaan in me bryan. but too bad my self tuning was horribly WRONG...*yean may was distracting* heheh.

well good luck with learning, your fingers are going to hurt like S**T!!! but its soooooo worth it after you learn a song (though simple)

Raya jamming with pat and i

tomorrow i have to call this IPDA man and find out if the silly putrajaya thing is on or NOT....and make a re-appointment..with the dentist, then maybe go shopping with siblings...? heh

father wants to have a family thinking tom yam steamboat...phew..sweatng already...

Saturday, 22 August 2009


Klang at last. what an adventure.

when Putrajaya was cancelled, i thought i would just stay in Jitra. save myself the trouble of rushing to buy a probably sold out ticket to KL.

next morning i felt like going out, happened to go to the bus terminal, and there was a ticket for a bus leaving n twenty minutes, so i got on it. wohoo. THEN i told my father. my mother was so shocked when i appeared at the door, so that was good fun surprising her!! heheh.

next day, was mingke's bday surprise in Yean May's house.haha

as the guests arrived, no one noticed i was there.

exhibit A

alex and bryan walk in

im sitting on the couch

sitting and smiling

they walk straight into the kitchen as if the party is inside there. i'm still smiling.

three minutes later, AFTER jacinta MENTIONS IN PASSING that im here, i hear some screaming, and HAH?!?!?!?s
THEN the buffaloes run out into the hall, shouting that im unnoticeable , and no one would see me and im like wall flower. and i say yeah hi.....jeeez

exhibit B

mingke walks in, and everyone says happy birthday, and i wait for people to keep quiet to say happy birthday.

everyone: mingke!! happy birthday!! yea!! hahah

liza: haha yea happy birthday

mingke sits down looks around. (i think has a drink)

and doreen says, "whos beside me??"
and THEN she screams....jeeezz...i planned to blend in but not into oblivion...

well we played twister, people cheated of course, im not mentioning any names lah, thats not my style, but bryan was just trying to get revenge for penang i guess. sigh so i lost secara rela lah...

then we played this truth thing whre you drink if you;ve experienced what the speaker mentions.

ALEX: ive never been clubbing

if you have, you take a sip of the drink. then everyone knows you've been clubbing. no questions asked, but of course with certain questions, comes shock and lots of inquiries heheh. thats all im saying...

well my holidays have just begun!