Friday, 24 July 2009


i have been blogging on microsoft Word! with that stupid paperclip giving me advice now and then, for previous blogs from day one in kedah scroll down lah...i cant upload now so i saved it and will ask marc to do it later....

was speaking to jes yesterday...okay you all still friends lah....hahah
PLAY futsal lah bums!!!

am in this lame "cyber cafe/photostate shop/handphone dealer shop" no fan/aircond... lol it better be friggin cheap when im done...

anyway cant log on to facebook...but whatever lah i visited everyones blog dy...*basically mays lah*....
and bryans NEW blog...(OUCH i typed shit about you... you didnt type JACK about me huh)... lansi..

anyway it has been nice seeing everyones comments and all....forget my hair lah...its hot here...



Haha class today was fun, mixing better with the others. Which is good!. A boy called Dzul commented earlier on why I never mixed with the other girls and I didn’t know what to say, so I just stared at him. Hahah retarded. But all that’s gone.

Now, the boys think I’m a bit sarcastic, and the malay girls find me funny to laugh AT! Lol all in good humour.

I want to buy a guitar. There are a few going cheap at the Jitra mall. Hideous colours (blue! Green) but they make music! Have to ask parents permission first.


Went down for netball training today, we missed all the warm ups, my friend and I, but managed to play for about five minutes. Haha. The senior said, if they have more than enough coming to play, they’ll have to have a team selection, if not then we’re in the IPDA team. Mother… and I just came down for some exercise!

But more importantly there are girls who play futsal here! There is no team and I don’t know if the senior I asked will disregard my enquiry about futsal. Haha she said if they play she’ll message. Anyway if she doesn’t we can always play as a class. There are twelve of us! The girls susah a bit la, and must ask them first.

Our Eng. Lit teacher has urged us to get involved in the upcoming play “The Merchant of Venice” by the TESL seniors, as in paint props or sew costumes. She asked the class and I nodded along with everyone else but planned to ignore the idea and continued talking…then…

Pn. Tengku: Lizamaria what can you do?

Liza: *shit* *none of the above* ermm, well I can….not sew. Hahaha *no one laughs*

Pn. Tengku: yes what Can you do?

Liza: I’ll paint props.

Pn.Tengku: oh so you paint.

Liza: a biit more than I sew, yes.

Pn Tengku: *doesn’t get it* good then, try to get involved.


Right now, as long as I can play futsal, I’ll do anything else.

Getting Around

Mode of transport: van sapu!.

For those of you who went “HUH?...snigger” van sapu is sweep van. Lol. It comes all along IPDA (our campus), politeknik campus, and some other campus, picking students up and sending them to places like JITRA MALL….Yawata mall, church masjid, wherever.

I am planning to get a bicycle, the one with the basket….lol! it will really help if we want to buy supplies, or go out for exercise anytime, Yawata mall is cycling distance away. ^.^

Managed to go to church the other day. Thank goodness. It was the only thing bothering me the whole of the first week. We are in Bandar Darul Aman, Jitra, and the church is in Alor Star! 25km away… the van sapu guy refused to take us because there were only 4 of us so he dumped us at a taxi stand. And we followed Pak Mat’s taxi to St. Michael’s church.

We were three hours early for mass! In the end, my dad’s new found friends who happen to live in Jitra came for mass and offered to take us home. Phew!!, God was on our side that day.

The people in that church are very nice. One aunty was so excited, we were becoming new members of the church, she said just come, if transport back was a problem, she would figure it out. “You girls just come!” she said.

Oh well, theres a youth group here as well, and I might as well take part!…

life here

You must be wondering, how I manage living by myself and cooking, cleaning. Well there is no cooking, but there IS a cafeteria that sells quite good food at very low prices. Very low. Like a whole plate of jack for only RM2.00…wicked!!! especially for misers like me!. There is no major cleaning except your own room, that is only if you bother lah. I personally don’t really clean, but my roomie happens to be, just happens to be, a NEAT FREAK…. (It’s a sign from God)….and she bought a broom. I used to just steal(borrow) the broom from a girl all the way on the next floor! Oh yea, then theres washing clothes. Immediately people imagine a mountain of clothes, but really its like two t-shirts and shorts per wash. Soak for half an hour. Lol…and use a brush…voila!…there IS a washing machine somewhere. Must pay….

Down side…..

Friggin green bugs!! Tiny buggers are killing me, AND they bite. They’re attracted to fluorescent light and if they like to land on you first, do NOT swat at them. Its like their sole purpose of life is to come to the light and die. Swarming in at around 7.30pm, after 5 minutes of flying around, annoying the hell out of us, they fall and die. Currently, there are about twenty around me on the floor. I swept the floor half an hour ago!

The weather…inside my room. I just found out that Jitra is one of the hottest places in Malaysia. (ouch bug just bit my ass)…I sleep on the floor now, coz its cooler. If I open the windows, guess who pays me a visit lah. Bruised ribs.

Blazer on Sundays twice a month

Perhimpunan rasmi…minus prefects = chaos. Lol. I don’t talk lah. I just stand straight, but you cant blame the others for yapping. Each perhimpunan, we have to go through so many slideshows of each jabatan, there are 14. Then a few speeches following the grand entrance of men we have never seen and don’t see after that! Then we go to classes.

Its much like college, floating class system, we move to class instead of the teacher coming to us. Bother!! My first perhimpunan rasmi and I forgot my NEW BLAZER that I bought the day before, hahahah…beside me was a senior from the TESL programme

Aftarjit Kaur: Hey you’re from TESL right?

Liza: yea I think so. No one knows for sure yet. Ahhaha.

Aftar: yea your class very weird. Where are you from?

Liza: Klang. Selangor. You…

Aftar: Klang? Oh!! I studied in Convent Klang for 1 year, when I was in standard…

Liza: really I studied there as well. Ermm you,…

Aftar: really!?!? No coz my aunty teaches there

Liza: *omg pn raj*…..Really!>!?!? whats her name


Liza: wHATTTT!! Hahahahahahhah she taught me add math for two years! Nice lady. Hahah you look and talk like her.

Aftar: what?..haha my dads sister..


Theres another girl from convent in the TESL course. My senior of course. Syamimi. She won tokoh nilam and a bunch of things related to BM during school days. FYI lah.


To all those who went for the Man United vs Selangor match and training.

Buggers!!!!!!!! Arghhhhh!.....jealous

To all those who suddenly adore Michael Owen

Pfft, get a t-shirt and then talk la…..fake….

Hao Qi ehheemmmm talk back all your criticism!!!…. already started to score wei!!

You all are Only allowed to admire…hmmph

To all original Owen fans

Hey guys!....yeah *sep sep* high five*……yeah I know!!! Its great!!

Yea wohoo!, Owen makes it complete…. Buy friggin Beckham back lahhh innit, for nice England squad….haih…


I almost got choked up when my thoughts went to hanging out in taman rakyat the other day with yean may, bryan and soon keat. Then again, as I remembered the water gun fight, and the sending off breakfast in my house. But somehow, no tears would flow, I just felt very positive about where I was, and content. Phew… the end of misery and homesickness…


From klang.

Marc messaged to tell me he is going for the man united training session. bugger!!!.lol

Messaged shalini to update her with my current situation. Lol. :p she demanded to know why jes had more messages..-.-“

Ouch man! Homesickness hit me hard.

maybe it wasn’t such a brilliant idea to go out everyday with friends leading up to the day I left.

The first night, after orientation at about 12.ooam, we went back to our rooms, which I had to clean and then unpack into while dead tired, and my thoughts kept coming back to klang. Which is fine. Only I kept tearing. Definitely a new experience for me. Breaking down everytime I thought of my family, the water gun fight!, last breakfast with friends, saying bye to them, then I caught a glimpse of the penang hill brochure and broke down again.

When I finally gathered myself together, I looked into my dirty smelly torn (but rugged) nike backpack and saw the sunway lagoon brochure. ARGHH! Started lah again. Never gonna enjoy that shit again!!

I was thinking (worriedly), shit is this gonna happen everyday? Everytime I think of anything related to home? For how BLOODY long??

The second night was worse; I kept tearing during the bloody taklimats, feeling sorry for myself and asking myself WHY THE EFF I joined the programme?? Lol! At the back of my mind by brain was already planning to call mom and dad ask them to take me home, since they themselves said try it first only. Then I thought of all the others there, a lot from Sarawak and sabah, could only go back like once a year because flights were so expensive. Yet here they were enjoying themselves. Anyway while all this was running through my head, the guy giving the taklimat reached the part where if you want to withdraw you have to pay RM31,000 for breaching the contract or some shit. So yea…no..


FROM Klang

Msged yean may who told me she was friggin bored, but they had internet, and yi chien was going to pick her up later to go to megamall!....i told her we were walking to the pekan later…

Messaged bryan while lining up and listening to the idiots give a speech. Bryan is ALONE and eats lunch in the toilet by himself. if someone reads this, please help…

Marc and marlene messaged. Ahhh…I VENTED like crazy. They were replies FULL of profanities regarding everything.

That afternoon we met our mentor, which is like a class teacher. And she was so nice it was unbelievable. AND she speaks English, not the half baked half in malay. Bear in mind I hadn’t even registered at the time, because everybody kept saying “oh okay..kamu ermm buat tomorrow lah”. But my mentor even offered to Photostat jack for me! Yay very nice lady. She said we’re in the TESL programme. But I dunno. Apparently its damn fun! Though there are going to be numerous assignments if you like it, you’ll have the time of your life!

The adventure begins!!!

I am going to stay alone!!!.....for the first time!!!

We left (finally) at around 1.30 pm for penang where we would spend the night. There was a lot of forms to fill, and the time for registration the next day was not known!

The next day, I was getting so tensed up coz we needed to friggin leave!!! If we were going to REACH kedah( let alone Jitra) that evening.

We reached the campus, and my emotional status was such a MESS, coz they asked us to hurry up and find the room, and then go for the taklimat, LATE then the actual registration had closed, so we could do it another time! There wouldn’t be another time!! parents were leaving lah EFFERS, what the hell was I supposed to do.

With all this last minute stress, I thought I DEFINITELY WONT cry later when I have to say bye to my parents

I was wrong.

Finally we said goodbye, (sob sob) tears all around. Leaving them for like EVER. My dad was going to drive all the way back to Klang after dropping his daughter off for EVER. FOREVER.

So that night, I was in the “don’t eff with me” mode coz ALL I wanted to do was THINK about HOME!!! But that bloody night we had orientation. Which I thought was going to be fun fun fun and would help me cheer up you know.

I was wrong.

Bloody seniors ragged the shit out of us, screaming for no BLOODY reason.


Crazy senior: BILA senior Tanya soalan KITA JAWAB. SO KENAPA TAK ADA JAWAPAN??

We had to run rounds, do 50 jumping jacks, and the skipping rope. One CRAZY mother…. punished one girl and asked her to do something that would make all of us laugh. So I’m like okay, all of us laugh la (support). SO WE DID.

Senior: WAH SUDAH PANDAI PURA PURA ketawa ha!!


Liza (under breath): bukan pura pura


As if we were gonna all put up our hands and say we faked a laugh.

So we did twenty ketuk ketampi.

My bad…


From Klang,

Yean may messaged asking how everything was. That time I was f*ck*d because we hadn’t reached yet, and I realized I didn’t have a bedsheet. But she told me that in HICT they had to stay in coll for ten hours, and I smiled.

Jacinta messaged asking if I had reached. That time I was more f*ck*d because I was very late, taklimat had started and I hadn’t even found my room.

Elizabeth messaged at night asking how the first official day was. So I vented.

Mr.Alfred replied with a “gambatte yo!” lol

Note. Shalini did NOT message. Hmm…mingke also but I heard she wants me to write about her in my blog….-.-“

BAB-EY AH (kedah slang)

Which I HATE

Im already quite slow at processing malay, then they hit me with this Kedah shitvkheifsiafjdh …so all I say is Hah?..Apa?....and they go TAKdey ah tak pey tak pey…..THE WHOLE DAY..

Saturday, 11 July 2009

okay, i will say something before i leave this place. HOME. KLANG.

firstly, thanks for being such awesome friends. seriously.

okay let me start with little shits to everyone. XD


lol, i've never been more closer to anyone. prob because, we were stuck with each other from barbie dolls, to college! if theres anyone i'd go to for a guaranteed laugh it'd be YOU! damn girl...
you shocked the crap out of me when you got a boyfriend, lol!, but it turns out hes a cool guy, not to mention effing generous (U2 cd)....heh all the best to the both of you...dont ditch amamma bashes XD


whoa!!. superfemale, one heck of a friend. its such a pleasure knowing you and to think i didnt want to be your friend back in std four. is there anything you cant do the hell do you LIKE planning parties and stuff!!?!?!...but really THANK YOU from the bottom of my bloody heart, for taking the trouble to plan that farewell party thing. manja la you potty! haiyo gonna miss that lah! cheh..btw darren is a very nice guy. lol...he laughed at my jokes sometimes (charity, i dunno la)


OMG, the msg you sent me was so long, and full of memories that i have to keluarkan a few also lah. remember when you tried to push me in the drain in std two? HAHA of course you do. remember how you pat and i used to laugh at Meselah (spelling)? and remember how i started the fight between you and jes *unintentionally* XD, and remember how we sat next to each other every year of our secondary school life? lol! honestly couldnt imagine sitting with anyone else. wei! we've been together for so long i couldnt hate you even if i tried. btw, i couldnt have survived school without you. bloody hell you know everything, what homework, what meeting, what subjects, what exam was on the next day!....and i knew nuts. BFF

Liaw Yean May!

during school days i hardly talked to you! lol. but then i moved to college, and sad to say had NO friends!, and was friggin depressed. until *sound effect* you came along. cant really remember how it happened but you will never imagine how thankful i am for your friendship. man. thats when i really started to get to know you, and yean may, i know i talk alot of crap, and tease you continuously even though you start to get emo, but im seriously glad i got to know you. okay this sounds damn cliche la, damn cliche, but honestly, you made my HICT life, a bit more bearable!! XD. now you're going to help damansara, and im going to kedah, and we start all over again lah! can...

Sock Mun and Yi Theng

you both are ALWAYS together, i couldnt imagine writing separate parts. LOL. yea at first i didnt really know you both, all i know is Yi Theng never said a word! and Sock Mun TRIED to collect money from everyone!. in college also at first, we weren't thaat close, but then as time went by, started hanging out together and i know quite a lot about sock mun already, ahha coz i force/pressure you to tell me. XD thanks mun. and Yi Theng, is apparently sarcastic ONLINE!, time to talk like that also Yi Theng LIVE not ONLINE...haha will def miss you guys...

Bryan Lee

LOL, before college, i only knew you as the giant boy who was related to yean may somehow, who played futsal with us. but lol, i am grateful for both of your friendship ESPECIALLY during college!. talk cock partner, i still CANNOT friggin understand, why you are so physically violent with/to me in college. WTH man!?!?! and in the end sock mun calls it fighting! the word "basket" i learnt from you, oh well, it is nice knowing you afterall THAMBI (haha get it?...coz of your bloody huge thumb)

keep in touch ah everyone

leaving in six hours and i havnt started packing! what a retard.
okay need to sleep....

Thursday, 9 July 2009


LOL!. Sunway Lagoon IS fun, even if it is only with two other people. i went today with yean may and bryan, we left at like 9 in the morning and, reached lagoon at about ten thirty after a long breakfast in McDs chatting about random stuff from school, to younger siblings, to c*ck! haha
that was nice...

we started on this buffalo ride, which yean may thought(mistake) was damn chun ass fast awesome . well it turned out to be bloody damn POTONG ride, which for some reason we went for twice...oh yeah coz the other chun ride hadnt opened yet.

the next one was some MINI rollercoaster but you get wet, and it was kinda chun, until we started moving upwards and everyone *me* started falling *slipping* backwards coz

FRONT: liza

MIDDLE: yean may

BACK: bryan

yean may: LIZAAA GET OFF GO UP!!!...hold the bar...BODOH #&*(^@&%!!!'re falling on me!!!
but i could at least hold on to the rubber thing in front
(btw the metal bars on the side are useless, coz its wet and slippery)

second round

FRONT: bryan

MIDDLE: liza

BACK: yean may

this time theres was no rubber thing infront. so when it got damn steep, and yean may started shouting coz i was falling on her, i just grabbed bryans (easy to tear t-shirt -.-")

bryan: LIZAA DONT ITS GOING TO TEAR!!!!...cannot!!, IT WILL TEAR...

liza: but got nothing,...ahh f*ck....(slipping slipping).....grab tshirt again..

bryan: cannot!!!!...ahhhh!!!!!

liza: motha!!!...ahhHH!!!! sorry yean may!!! ( falls on her)

third round

FRONT: yean may

MIDDLE: bryan

END: liza relaxing, you lean on this back rest THE whole time. while yean may screamed her heart out in front *weakling*
when the steep part came, and bryan THOUGHT he was going to slip, i made sure that DIDNT happen, by sticking out my feet in front of me!

then we went to some float rotating, crap.
then continued to the "wet park", lame slides,

then yean may said
"lets go mushroom lets go mushroom!"

*flashback in mc ds*

yean may: i wanna wait for the mushroom to start!!
so im thinking...WHOA what is this mushroom!?!? mUST be chunass right??....
its actually

a piece of shade....with water coming down n the side....
later on yean may wanted to sit on the ferris wheel. while bryan and I were looking out for the scissors ride!...

i thought the ferris wheel would at least move faster than an obese man carrying a pregnant lady, carrying sextuplets!!!!...but it was not that fast la.

finally we got off!, and managed to get directions to the *i prefer calling it the hammer things instead of scissors*
it was pretty chun!!..but by then we were sleepy and FRIGGIN hungry

before that!!!! we tried this pirates revenge ride!!!, ahhh damn chun!!!.....but yean may was not so happy about the whole experience..

but we did that altogether three times...although for the last time we had to force yean may *feel bad*...not!...*im sure secretly she enjoyed it*

pigged out on PIZZA HUT later on, and in the train station, we bumped into pat and one ANG MOH chick beside her>......i couldnt see clearly but from far brown lushes hair, and super honey brown eyes...WAAH...but in the end, it turned out to be my NOT ANG MOH good friend DODO!!...doreen/ tay poh chin/ reen poh chin/

this girl, heh changed A BIIIIITTTT but for the better la....more fun now eh doreen

DOREEN: eh liza *karat accent* better go blog about today ..i want to see my name inside..
i read your name never featured once also....

LIZA: ermm ok, but doreen as if you feature my name a lot of times....just that once when you commented on a fake picture of me, and cleavage...
so THAT was today....

and im now a day away from leaving.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bloody medical

what AN effing LECEH process.

cheh, had to get up at six, so that i was ready at seven for medical at eight. grateful to uncle Chacko, who managed to get us in early for a medical.

the nurse took my weight, height, and blood pressure. and tested my eyesight.

i thought i would HAVE to do a blood test...haha aids or whatever..


but to see the doctor for all the other checkups, like respiratory, ears, mouth, i had to ocome back at 2pm. LECEH part 1

then i went to the dental department. coz there are TWO bloody questions there. do i have cavities?. am i wearing dentures.. but the nurse CANNOT do this simple check...MUST wait for doctor!!!...WTH...2pm

and i have to do a test for drugs. mother...urine test.. i've never done one before. so im all uncomfortable and stuff...XD the nurse said if i do it at the clinic it might take two weeks. CANNOT. so she suggested i do it at a private place. BP lab same row as Jason's tuition center.

i went there.. and this YOUNG MAN doctor dealt with me. "aiyaah!!!"...i thought when i was asked to see him. then he filled in the particulars. testing for Cannabis and Morphine. no expression on his face. he gave me the container. and marked a line somewhere near the bottom.

"fill up to this line"

and i obviously went to the toilet in the morning and dont really need to go anytime soon. so stupidly i say. "'oookaaay what if i dont have any urine"

with no expression, he goes" at least half"


three hours later.....*aaaahhhhhh*

haha joking joking

three minutes later
, my bladder apparently regularly stores urine in case of an emergency drug test. the cheeky bugger.

they said it would be ready by four earliest. BASKET!! that means i have to complete the medical another day. coz they wont do it without the drug test. NEGATIVE.

oh yeah! wet for an x-ray as well.

i thought just stand there innit...

"okay miss buka tshirt, buka baju dalam, rantai buka"

and im like HAH!!!! no way!!!!!!!!...motherrr..then there was this horny fat guy next to her, like looking at the forms and stuff, wearing this gown scratching his ass!

"dalam sana ada changing room. pakain gown ikat belakang"

and i'm like" OWHH OKAY...ahhahaha"PHEWW

so it takes about a minute. breathe in- x ray -breathe out

so all the uncomfortable bits are over i just have to get my dental at two. and collect my urine test results.

sigh maybe no lagoon tomorrow. anyway only three of us were going, sooo... yeaaa....

Monday, 6 July 2009


Klang, Selasa. Sebentar tadi didapati bahawa Liaw Yean May telah ditawarkan tempat di kampus HELP Damansara di bawah tajaan (??) JPA. Dia kini berada di HICT Klang, dan telah menamatkan semester satu. Setelah menerima scholarship itu, dia akan mula balik semester satu bulan Julai, di Damansara di mana orang orang sombong tinggal. Yean May berkata dalam temu bual

Y.May: saya berasa gembira mendapat peluang ini. walaupun terpaksa berpindah ke tempat yang agak jauh, BERSENDIRIAN pulak tu! saya menganggapnya sebagai suatu cabaran!.eh sorry sikit, aku pernah lalui NS. ini perkara remeh. setiap sabtu dan ahad bolehleh saya pulang!

Sewaktu di sana, Yean May akan meninggal (bkn mcm itu!) sepupu kesayangannya Bryan Lee di Klang.Dia pula berkata dalam temu bual sambil nangis teresak-esak.

B.Lee: saya ta tau kenapa cousin saya mau pegi. dia tada ckp apa dengan saya pun. sekarang saya apa macam (goyang tangan).
begitu lah yean may!. mau pegi jau jau!. tengok lah nanti, bila pulang saya jadi apek makan sindiri punya..bukan makan saya punya sendiri!..maka sama sendiri saja...

aH-sa-ma-laikum..adui...(angkat seluar tinggi tinggi)

satu talk cock punya sudah pergi. satu lagi saya mau bully pun sudah pergi...LAGI APPPA!!! (hampir langgar kereta)

Dan begitulah situasinya sekarang. setinggi tinggi taniah diucapkan kepada Yean May, dan semoga dia berjaya si sana!. kepada sepupunya, TOLoNGlah!

sekian sahaja bagi kali ini, salam mesra. saya lizamaria. jumpa lagi.

Sunday, 5 July 2009


wall was testimonial!!...remember testi testi....hahaha i was such a loser!

if you still have your friendster accounts, that i KNOW you ignore....its quite a laugh to go back there and jenguk....digging through my old "testis", i found this particular rap created by pat....

yea...uh..check it
playgirl part 2..
rock wit me..
have u eva met a girl that u thought was whacked?
i have..
i've been thru diapers and tears with her more than u have..
i ate her rice
just to be nice
with chicken,dhal curry and milo with ice
i used to bully kids in playgrounds and she was one of them
til i found out she was my cousin and the other kids were all damned
had her back thru thick and thin
fought those girl just to win
when they took her book and made her weep like t'was a sin
one day i moved cant remember saying bye
screw that
when i came back they said "u aint fat"
resumed school
and like a fool i broke all the rules
while this girl played cool
when alan smith made her drool

2 hundred words to go
check my flow
currents faster than u, joe
and i forgot to mention ur name,no?
lizamaria raphael parrikal!
.....yesss....uh huh uh huh...
*wiki wiki*

haha eh pat remember this...guy

02/23/2007 8:45 pm

  • you finally approved me. why, i
    yeah i'm cool with it's cool
    you were probably bored ...really bored..understandable
    but then the blunder awww... shame
    i'll probably never forget ...i mean not many people's profiles get hacked u know
    no i forgot... u do it all the time..
    anyway till next time on a friendlier

good times

and then this from jes
03/23/2008 9:32 pm

  • schmt! y r u following tht imigrant man thingy?!?! yerrrr liza, since when u became like this... u, the one with all the high standards u doesn't think like ANYONE is cute. gone lah, so much for me thinking u'd oni go out with a damn hot guy... for all i noe, ur gonna start tellin me mr. unibrow is hot. YUCK! IMMIGRANTS! anyways, marc said the exact same thing bout my 'questionaire' or wvr. sibling thing. so sweet :) gotta change it.. boring edi. n it's not coz of wht u said. eff off. lol. btw, i think if 'someone' read the comment u sent they'd get the hint n go all emo so lets jz keep those things private. like typical gossip galz. yes ppl, liza gossips... a lot. lolz. no lah... actually yeah. k, i'm actually on a mission to reach my max amount of characters limit... thtz y i'm talkin nonsense. but i'm sure u don't mind. i noe u like to read this kinda nonsense... k, this is getting boring.. still boring, still boring, n still boring, very boring, boring boring, boring boring n DONE!

two years ago...and then there was BUKU MUKA

thousand words right?

Saturday, 4 July 2009

penang 09


okay this is my fourth post on penang. there are three more below, but i just remebered,

we went to this super famous nasi kandar shop in penang. It is called Line Clear. i thought it was some posh ass expensive place, the way everyone knew its name!..

but it turned out to be the humblest of eating joints ever! didnt even have its own building, but the food (nasi kandar)...basically rice and curry was awesome!......

but that didnt make us go O.o"

all of a sudden this, lady, think she was indie muzzie wore practically nothing and walked into te was like her bra, and some "shorts" that barely covered her ass.

and she was friggin hot!

i'm kidding....!!!!...think ape just evolving into man....yeap thats her....

i was STARING, yean may was laughing, sock mun was scared i think, bryan tried NOT to stare i think...

the shop owner said

"hello, hello , excuse, kita tak mau semua ini, nanti orang tengok, sumua dia tak tahu apa mau fikir, kita tak mau"

then she goes" eleh mamak cerewet!...orang nak makan nasi...selalu datang sini semua mamak kenal saya"
*yeh think pornstar*

"orang nak makan nasi....habis nak saya pakai baju kurung?..apa lah mamak ni, sekarang zaman modern"*points at herself*...orang semua pakai ini lah

(i glance at my dressing).....trying not to laugh

phew...then she walked out and yelled....all the way

Thursday, 2 July 2009


^^^^ And i'm moving on. must go cycling.
cycling= adventure, .........potential mugging, rape, hit and run...but if all goes well, only ADVENTURE!!

sick of looking at the penang pictures, God knows how many times we looked at them while in penang.

amali tomorrow finally, look out world, in a few months i'll be zooming round streets....maybe not zooming lah...i'll be annoyingly slow, jerk stopping on the streeT in front of my house....

and i got accepted into teaching and will have to move to kedah if i accept....

Anda berjaya di tawarkan untuk mengikuti Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (KPLSPM) Ambilan Julai 2009. Berikut adalah maklumat tawaran tersebut :-

No. Kad Pengenalan
Institut Perguruan
Tarikh Lapor Diri
13 JULAI 2009 (ISNIN)
Saya menerima dan bersetuju dengan tawaran yang diberikan seperti diatas.
and heres the dillema
mother said when i applied.."noneed to accept lah if you get. i paid so much for college already"

"mummy.....then why am i applying"

"just to see if you can get"

"whatever lah"


"liss go for it go for it go for it..teaching is fun, you know how hard for non bumi...bla bla bla"

"but mummy, you said no need!!! paid so much already"

" yaa...that was before i saw this that this looking at this that this should go dont be stupid!

" what the fkjd;lsahyfie[yuafgyu*in my head*"

" but i dont want to stop learning bio, physics, chemistry math".."i feel like i will grow damn stupid"..."arghhh"..."only teaching stupid english"

"no know there si so much you can do, they'll send you overseas for masters all, you can take up bio, physics, math course, and even teach that!"

" sigh....what will papa think"

if i go i have to leave on the 13th of friggin july.....thats when my second sem of college starts...motherrrr.....

teaching could be fun...i see that....if only everyone around me could stop being so friggin kolot, doctor doctor doctor, you shouldnt aim for anything less...eff

oh well....its just a notion now..huge step....mother offered her advice..."pray over it".... -.-"!!!

next wednesday....sunway lagoon!!!!!!