Friday, 26 June 2009


*wedding march* *wedding bells*

you see pimples and i have been living together for a sinfully long time! people were starting to ask questions.

and then we broke up a while back, and A LOT of people noticed.

but just as i started to get stressed out before exams, "pimples" you were there for me, you came back into my life...

and seem to be here to stay

well only time (and the frequency of face wash) will tell........


Five Kids Had A Dream... *snigger* ONE dream only!..TO go on an adventure they would never forget *sniggers*

THEY foresaw the end of college approaching, and FARSIGHT the one of them *with super precognition powers* predicted DEATH...*due to too many flies entering mouth as we sit watching tv all day for 14 days*

So they got together and combined powers to form one super massive BRAINWAVE and decided to go on a HOLIDAY.

IT WAS THEIR DESTINY.....(heavenly music plays)

Thursday, 25 June 2009


the exams are over, and i've come out of it once again learning that you CANT study at the last minute.
maybe i'll remember it this time. XD

and damn! it didnt help that college was bloody messing with our heads. i mean was the test IMPORTANT or not? was it a test at all? or exam??or assesmet? or quiz?....ok definitely not quiz

TERM FINALS thats what it was called. wth!?

anyway. i thought i would be fairly excited today with math marking the END!. bt i wasnt. in fact it felt like just another day. probably because i KNEW i SCREWD my chem and physics....and bio

then after that, with shmuck talking rubbish no one cared about all day, we went for lunch in the miserable food court...*it was empty*...and we were joined by this thing, that really effed my mood up...

lump of lard thinks *IT* is damn big...aha... one huge dim bulb, full of gas!

then yean may wanted to go to the arcade, which i readily agreed thinking maybe my mood might take a turn for the better, even though arcades creep the hell outta me, dim smelly noisy seemingly underground....

so i went, and no matter how many games i played ( childish game, car game, bike game, and dance game).. i was pretty lifeless throughout, and found myself yearning to go home, to my family. but i did have fun sucking at the basketball game. couldnt stop

after that, *thanks yean may*....i finally went home.


i couldnt stay still for 5 seconds. NO clue what the hell was wrong with my emotions. lol XD. so i went to destress by shaping the bush outside, while listening to Busted.
msged pat, asked what she was up to....

and agreed to go biking.

WHOOPIE!...i'm waiting for pat to arrive, might as well queeze in a post.

and since, ive been receiving some negative feedback regarding my sense of humour, i've taken preliminary steps to get it back.
step 1. get grammar back on track... HAHA i miss grammar.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

thanks sock mun

lol i saw your blog, and fell in love....(chill tinki)....with your blog change!....

so i went and got one as well....yay me!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

not so nice DOMINOS ORDER experince

My brother and I were stuck at home for 3 i thought i would have tons of fun

*first hour of freedom*

yea!!...we RULE....yea!! come on!! FREEDOM!!...INTERNET TV..!!MAGGIE ME (not sure exactly wtf i was thinking abt)

*three hours later*.

yea !! Woohoo!!....marc where are you...what are you doing, idiot wash your plate to sweep the floor
(just noticed, mum left note and asked to do all laundry).........

*five hours later*

AARGHHH...come home!!! was getting way too quiet anyway...sigh big families come with noise....

all i heard after tht was the cicaks, which roam freely in my house, and the occasional squeak of the neighbourhood rats, in the alley ....

my time was spent eating, squashing cockroaches....sleeping, and WAITING for them to get home.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY !! MY DAD!!..and other dads!

we wanted to order pizza frm Dominos

so i got the coupons all ready and dialed. 1300-888-333

liza *stupid slang*: hello is this PIZZA HUT?

dominoes guy: NO

liza: erm *still didnt get it* oh sry wrong num..

dominoes guy: this is dominoes la...

liza: whoops ahah i meant DOMINOS

dominos guy: aha ..good evening mam how can we terminate your hunger?...

liza: i want to terminate it *staring at toenail...not thinking*...( laura whacks my leg)
yea i wanna order a pizza...(sounding soo dumb)

dominos guy: *in head* abuthen???....
yes can i have your order please

AND thats how it went down. next time, i'll do better XD...terminate hunger...pffftt

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player must answer the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the game the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time: 11.41 PM

Name: Lizamaria Raphael Parrikal
Sisters: two younger
Brothers: One elder one younger
Shoe Size: 7/8
Height: 170 at night 171 by morning
Where do you live: Klang
Favorite drinks: ginger beer
Favorite breakfast:tuna sandwich

Have you
ever been on a plane? : yea!..jakoon to australia and mulu

Fallen asleep in school? : heh yeap

Broken someone's heart : LOL nope

Fell of your chair: nope,

Sat by the phone and waiting for someone to call: No.

What is your room like: messy, unpainted walls, shit all over the place, and dust bunnies breeding under my bed, pretty much good XD

What is the last thing you ate: rice and curry

Do you
Believe in love at first sight: nah, if t happens its coincidence

Like picnics: yeah!

Who was, were the last person; you danced with : err, cant remember the nam. total stranger.

Last made you smile : jes and pat

You last yelled at : no one, i was cool today XD

Today did you
Talk to someone you like : yea

Get sick : no *cross fingers*

Miss someone : no...oh yea yean may, went home early.....sighhhhhh

Best feeling in the world : yawning, burping, anything that releases gas should be nice.

What's under your bed: my clothes for the dust bunnies?....cds, clips, scrunchies, radio, pens, papers, story books, the rest i cant see

Who do you really hate: no one....wait today?....okay heres a list, yean may for ditching us after bio!...jacinta for her silly quizz.....bryan for being immature bfore praba for,.....for.... nothing i like mr. praba

What time is it now: 1.11 am
5 things i were doing 10 years ago
1. going rajin ly to standard two,
2. learning negaraku
3. listening to pat brag about her swimming lessons, ( i learnt four years later)
4. jeling at standard one kids
5. being forced to play barbie masak masak with pats full barbie doll set...

5 things on my to-do list today.
1. not to mention about the effing twilight video ONE MORE TIME, or i will lose enthusiasm to do it in penang...
2. not fail physics
3. not fail math
4. not fail bio
5. not fail chem

5 snacks I enjoy
1. choki choki
2. choclaires
3. tuna sandwiches
4. ice cream
5. hup seng biscuits

5 of my bad habits
1. mumbling
2. itchy fingers, nose
3. dirty nails
4. sleeping late XD
5. procrastination

5 people I'm tagging are
1) Liaw yean may
2) Ho Sock mun
3) Fion
4) yun teng
5) jia chyi

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


heres what to stress on.....she read it ofF our exam paper hahaha

  1. oxidising agents
  2. halogenal alkanes identifying, preparing
  3. structural and displayed formula'
  4. alcohol, diff types
  5. disproportionation
  6. bloody mass spec, how to count, and HOW TO WORK THE MACHINE
  7. shapes of molecules
  8. addition, elimination, oxi, reduc,hydrolysis
  9. homolytic heterolytic fission
  10. ra te of reaction
  11. types of bonding
this is starting to sound like the day before spm when all the silLy hints come through sms!....

But chem is what scares me the most, followed closely by physics!!!!!!!.....ahhhh(scream not sigh

after this exam is over, i need a vacation!....

FATHER has given the thumbs up.. i mean he said "are you sure you children can handle a trip like this"...
and i said " why of course daddy!"..nolah i said " errmmm...yeaaahh can lah"

and he said "ok then"

just okay then....

nothing else

okay then WHAT??

argh nvm i'll take it as a YES.


oh yeah, what happened today.
i've started taking a TANGKI of water to college, in attempt to change my *dry* lifestyle. anyway at one point obviously i had to use the toilet, so i just got up and left the classroom, what else?....everyone else does it...

and SOMEONE thought i went there to cry coz i was upset, i said SOMEONE, coz until now i really dont know who thought such a silly thing!....apparently, they thought i suddenly went emo for some reason, and MARCHED of to the TOILET(of all places) to cry my eyes out!..

lizamaria?...cry?..toilet?...emo??...NONE of these words go together...people who emo for the smallest reason make me uncomfortable. O.o WHY would i do such a thing?...LOL funny....

Monday, 15 June 2009




tinki winki (bryan)
tipsy (sierng),
lala (alex),
po (chien)
.....and the silly annoying baby sun *yeah may thats you!!!*

no offence....jeeeezzz, DID YOU KNOW telletubbies became useful members of society when they grew up...

TINKI WINKI went on to become a Big Blue Thing feared by all....he started to eat the rabbits in the field and was the first tubbie to make the sun cry...he never went to school

TIPSY, unfortunately became a drunkard...but lets not talk about him( sensitive topic)

LALA.... became mad, this was after po rejected him every episode for a 10 years. now he doesnt come out of his lump in the ground, and boozes with tipsy once in a while.

PO never grew up, but she became wild! she parties all the time, and rumours that shes dating tinki....

ermm,...well maybe not the most useful members of society, but only they live in that field so who cares right!??

the sun....faded into nothing after a while.....its some complicated reaction of the baby growing too big, and there was a big bang....explosion, and some super massive black hole swallowed the baby,

BUT the telletubbies, enjoy life more now coz they dont ahve to run home everytime the baby feels like it!


Sunday, 14 June 2009


yea i was draggeed to hell!

This is what happened.
So innocent old me goes blog hopping one night, trying to find something funny, or interesting, and i made my way to Yean May's blog...

this is what i saw on her blog,.....

"i said cover ur eyes!! dont watch!

alex was shouting, bryan and sierng was covering their earsMOST OF THE TIME!

bryan covering half of his face,

then her eyes were popping out

SO you can imagine what i was thinking...right?

yeah AIGHT!!!!

lets go see....
so the next day, when pat wanted to hang.. i said DRAG ME TO HELL SOUNDS AWESOME *on mays blog*
little did i know...yean may is a verrryyy sensitive little girl, because THIS is WHAT i PAID TWENTY BUCKS TO SEE


A BLOODY OLD LADY puking on everybody she could see...arhhhhh..THE WHOLE MOVIE!! puke, green puke, gray slime-puke...until she dies lah

oh wait the grave she rises to life....*yea didnt see tht one coming*...*shocker*

ok why dont i break it down into a simple synopsis.

girl works at bank, old lady comes to bank, no loan....

old lady appears in girls car, pukes on girl, takes button from girl, curses button, and runs away.....with the stupiidd handkerchief.....

after that, throughout the whole movie, we will see the handkerchief floating, the old lady puking and some leaves flying...

and a SHADOW of something that keeps breaking glass nearby to scare us...


we RAN in coz jes wanted to sit inside so she practically jumped on her seat and it the time i elegantly sat down,
jacinta was on the floor crying for help...
then she went to the couple seat nearby.

and then had to move out coz*the couple* of karats came to sit, soo we all moved infront and from then on started making so much of noise in the cinema, one girl shusshed us...shusshed pat actually who kept shouting profanities!.... but who cares...jes dared me to scream, so throughout the movie, when the curtains move also, i HOWLED!!...but

MAN i never laughed sooo MUCH in SUCH a long time!!!

so based on comedic factor, i would say GO WATCH IT

...but if you are there to get petrified... seriously, just tickle yourself in the dark...or something


yean may, yi chien, bryan, sierng and alex.... WTH!!!....stick to tellytubbies...

Friday, 12 June 2009


haha ..he's my cousin...we went to tadika twinkle together....

i remember we used to be best friends in tadika hahahaaahaha..danny could do this amazing fart sound using his armpit...pat and i used to try everyday but we never produce the sound!!

as the years passed by, he went to taman gembira school, and i went to convent. then he went to la salle and i carried on in convent. we saw each other rarely and only at family functions...

AND NOW, we ended up going to the same college, he's in my class again...i dunno why but i find this amazing! LOL...


we also go wayyy back but pat came to my tadika later on. one year later. and since then pretty much tight.

pats first day in tadika, we didnt know we were related. i just knew she came from tadika VASMALAR ( yea i havent heard of it either!) where there were bees in the playground, and their teachers were mad...and there were cockroaches everywhere!

pat grew up with me, but she was the tough chick. i was the shy one!..XD....
eg. once agilesh stole my books!..arghhh i started crying (coz school was going to start...) then they called pat...hahahaha..(embarrasing)...i dunno what pat did but i got my books back XD

then she moved off to SARAWAK for 4 years, and came back taller than me...*i guess they swing from branches there alot* XD.....then we carried on with school together for 3 years...ahahha fun times..

and now the basket has gone to taylors!.....and the basket has got a boyfriend!....and the basket....we're still tight la...

totally tc

i WAS studying bio at the dining table for approximately 10 minutes, till my father wanted to eat and kicked me out....

then i WAS doing my biology presentation, until......i minimised it and came here XD.

im always the last to post jack shite about my day, either yean may or sock mun beat me to it...everytime, plus they always seem to have pictures!...buggers

anyway go read about our funfilled day at taman rakyat....on may's blog
well all i can say is that it definitly exceeded expectations on all accounts!, we should do it more often!

tomorrow, we go for badminton, there is a long list of people coming, well, we'll see how that turns out,
But you'll prob read it on yean may's blog... way before i can press the power button on my computer *teng neng neng neng* start up tune*
then you'll go to sock muns blog and see the same pictures there and the same story ++jia chyi comments
and lastly you round off your blog hopping adventure with a pit stop at my BLOGG and ...and ....and ...nothing..coz i'll be busy discovering myself through quizzes

...ahh...feels good to TC.

this week in math i met up with some old "friends" --integration and differentiation! i totally forgot those two chicks! they're not hot at all!....(we promised to meet up again soon! and very often after that! ...) erhghhh looking forward gals!

okay i've just got a brainwave! next blog everyday (till i dunno when) is going to be about one person i know...starting from way back when...i was a little kid, but they must still be around in my life now!...
okay i'll start today with hmmm....danny!...we go wayyy back...when i was in tadika.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

self discovery through quizzes

Lizamaria Raphael Parrikal
Lizamaria took the Are you more of a boy or a girl? quiz and the result is Male!
Your choices point towards your brain being more male. Male brains tend to be more systematic in nature: you tend to be more interested in figuring out how things work and/or collecting things.
Wen Lynn Ng
Wen Lynn Ng
hahahaaha!! Not a surprise=) This quiz is so accurate=)
Jacinta Lopez
Jacinta Lopez
ouuu, burn! bryan's gonna love this. lolx
JiaChyi Song
JiaChyi Song
woo hoo??? liza is a guy?!?!?! LOL!
Yean May
Yean May
XXY chromosome arhh?? XD
Lizamaria Raphael Parrikal
Lizamaria Raphael Parrikal
no jia chyi liza is NOT a guy....
JiaChyi Song
JiaChyi Song
ok. Liza is a mixture of a guy and a girl then. xD

Monday, 8 June 2009

chem PRESENTATION videos

RECENTLY... we had our second chem presentation.. and the videos below suck quality...coz i was using my phone...blaahhh

IT was a spur of the moment thing to decide to record them...coz Hao Qi was first and was really good!

then i recorded a few others SOCK MUN, BRYAN, J J WONG and michelle but my phone ran outta space so i deleted the last clip.

anyway here they are...and for bio there will be better ones, coz they aint coming from my phone!

  • the real thing was XD 
  • man he knew his stuff....and was soo into explaining every sentence lol that teacher had to stop in halfway....
  • good show!

bryan giving theories of methane expulsion and contribution to greenhouse gases...

after some drama with his! leshalini, (none of us actually understand the problem till now) but it went something like this

bryan walks into class, sits beside leshalini

LESHALINI: you brought the pendrive right?

BRYAN: no...i thought you were supposed to bring the..

LESHALINI: no!... i told you to bring

BRYAN: no!

LESHALINI: yes ! i told you...

BRYAN: no! i didnt receive any msg

LESHALINI: yes! got msg!

ahh you get the picture...

so when it was their turn, they didnt have the pendrive...

MS. SHEENA: bryan lee  and leshalini next. bring your pendrive

BRYAN: er..

LESHALINI: teacher i told him to bring the pendrive. but he didnt. i sent him a msg. i lost my pendrive -.-". i told him to bring....
BRYAN: you told me meh??

LESHALINI: yes! i told you! after i said...bla bla bla....i told you to bring!...

BRYAN: oh ok *scratch head* means we have no pendrive la...cannot do presentation

bryan was emo the whole day...

sock mun

  • no matter how many time i said psst psst...turrnnn here...she didnt hear!...thts why we only got one view!....lolXD...
  • sock muns partner ditched her for that day...suddenly went sock mun put a brave face and did all by herself...teacher kept asking questions, coz her topic was pretty intense...

last....JJ WONG

  • haha this guy's nice...i think he really knew his stuff...although he ACTS blur...
  • he was damn stressed out coz sitting for exams and stuff around that time lol...
  • i dont think my crap video enables us to hear anthing...but wth la...

Friday, 5 June 2009

...socks muns bbq part 2


LIZA: *STANDS UNDER CCTV*  psst mingke come here

MINGKE: *runs* wat wat

LIZA: nothing, show your me ur middle finger la! *challenge face*

MINGKE: *shows* (gasp)

LIZA: haha OWNED *points at camera*

MINGKE: @&#*!%@^^! jumps around
LIZA: evon, come see whos taller

EVON: ....*walks  over*

LIZA: WAT THE HELLLLL!!!!!!!! AHhhhhh* evon was taller*

LIZA: EVON YOU REALLY TAKE DUMEX AH....snigger snigger...correct lah wat alex said

EVON: *blushes*  

SOCK MUN: liza lets play twister!!!

LIZA: ok

SOCK MUN: ok *gives box* wait ah,.....*runs inside house*

half an hour later...

SOCK MUN: wait ah lassstt one...*in kitchen washing dishes*
SI ERNG: craps crap craps.....then all the girls willl be damn scared of bryan

SI ERNG: except...liza....the only one whos not scared...stuff socks...whack 

BRYAN: thats coz shes a GIRL....

LIZA: thts the power la....girl power

BRYAN: even though sometimes i wonder...if shes really a girl or confused

LIZA: basket...

SI ERNG: you got try before...*laughs to himself as he burns his chicken, sausages and fish and cockles, and sotong and his face a bit*

LIZA : walks off with uncooked mutton that yean may later consumed

FION: yi chien you wat college now??

YI CHIEN: sunway...*damn proud* *folds arms*

FION: study for wat??

YICHIEN: *face changed* *dunno wat to say*

YEAN MAY: didnt get it*chewing uncooked mutton* oh hotel management

FION: oh

pause pause pause

LIZA: ahahahah "study for what"

everbody else: LAUGHTER
LIZA: hey sierng, get a superpoke pet!

SIERNG: talk shit lah u ... ...keep you as my pet

*akward silence as we try to understand his meaning*

LIZA: ohhh.....errr good!....wait sounds wrong....err...ok im flattered?....wait sounds wrong.....err...just get a pet lah basket.....i get money.

YEAN MAY: *laughs*...hey liza * laughs* you're the only indian here

LIZA: hahah...yea *looks around*.....*sees someone who looks chindian* tht was just sierng
later at the table...
SIERNG + ALEX: hey liza, you dont feel left out ah... lonely right

LIZA: * eating and minding her own business*...huh? basket u think you damn fair la...just now from far...

SIERNG: wait ,...wat ...cant her...talking tamil...dont understand

LIZA: shit..tht was strong reply edi..aahh

then there was one time
EVERYBODY AT TABLE: .*talking*Chinese chinese chinese

LIZA: yawn...

EVRYBODY : *look* *continue*...chinese chinese chinese

MINGKE: aya so sorry ok i translate he said.....but then she he said...and we went to

LIZA: haha i UNDERSTAND LA...*yea right*

EVERBODY :* continue* chinese chinese chinese


sock mun: liza you free this friday?

liza: yea probably.. why XD

sock mun: come my house

*light bulb goes on* ting!!
liza:  you having barbeque issit??     ..(a bit too direct)

sock mun: yah

liza: whats the occasion?

sock mun: simply


At Sock Mun's house...

* sry* 
At Sock Mun's Chunn ass house!

*sry *
 At Sock Mun's chunn ass MANSION...

  1. LIZA 
  3. BRYAN
  8. ALEX
  9. EVON
  10. JIA CHYI
  11. FION
  12. SUE PENG
  13. ELAINE
  15. NICOLE

  • the barbeque was DELICIOUS, 1/2 of the night we were barbequ-ing. Bryan was barbequing the 3/4 of the night...
  • i started crapping a lot, which led to the question
sue peng: ermmm liza you drink alcohol issit?

liza: *didnt get it*...errr no ...why ah

yean may: HAHAH COZ SHE sounds like drunk right?? HAHAhhahahahahha

liza: wat the...woi sue peng!...

  • everyone was talking, no one was emo 
  • si erng came and thought he brought the FIRE....i extinguished it XD
  • as i expected, yi chien made me do an imitation of sophie....-.- "
(sophie if you are reading this...i made you famous)
  • alex had a few good opportunities XD
  • i CAN do the ryan higa twilight thing!!
  • yean may ate uncooked mutton and LIKED it
liza: erm... yean may i dont think its cooked

yi chien: oh *puts mutton back on plate*

yean may: *tearing mutton flesh with her teeth*...*chomp chomp* its not cooked lah liza...*chomp chomp*...but can eat..

liza: err...that means its raw yean may... RAW *shake head* NOT GOOD....

  • i wore my flower power hawaian shorts
  • we played twister, its the most wicked, buttcrack flashing, muscle tissue tearing, knee jerking, armpit fuming, elbow retarding, toe stretching,.... neck paining ....GAME EVER!!
  • we took a ka zillion photos!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009 lizamaria

A few posts ago, i thought of doing a piece on my opinion of getting into a relationship...
btw, the relationship im talking about is the one between girls and boys who think they like each other.

lol..i wont pretend that i have got any experience in that department because no i've never been in a relationship.

however, i've always felt that, before one gets into a relationship,
1. both parties should already be BEST friends!....nothing less, only then can the foundation be damn strong. of course if you decide to part ways, the impact is gonna be bigger, cause you were best friends before that.

2. when you've known each other for a very long time, then nothing can make you both feel shy shy for example, and you both know each others temper inside out.

3. its gonna take somehting huge to cause any problems in your relationship, bacause you are already best friends, and probaly know how to handle small prob
i thought this opinion was shared by everyone, until, my friend Jacinta pointed out her opinion, lol, that, she doesnt think they should be best friends, in fact....the less they know about each other, the better!!...i was like huh!?!?...she said that

1. they should only get to know each other after hooking up, or dating

2. this is because if they were best friends, then they already know too much about each other, and they might take the relationship too fast, eg. have sex and all that, way too early...

3. she also thinks that, you should date, before you are a couple....then only become a couple....

i never thought about the fact that they might take the relationship too fast!!....and i still dont think its probable, unless the couple was damn silly lah, i mean there are boundries right?.....but jes said

- they will definitly get bored of the relationship, because they dont have to date to get to know each other, because they already know each other,
- so they will move on to making out!
-then they might go to the next it will be too late

when is the right time??

last time i said twenty five...HAHA, seriously, but thinking about it now, i changed it!...

definitly NOT when you're still in school
1. there is no point,
2. why waste so much time on ONE person, when you have so many other fun things to dowith all you r friends!
3. it can be very very very stressful and distracting, with the messages and feelings, and hormone if we dont have enough to worry about in school.
4. the future is so far away (touch wood) but its probably NOT gonna last!!

what if you care for the person? *bluek*

1. then like i said , be his/her bloody best friend larh!
2. get to know each other, but dont get romantically involved in ANY way, crushes cant be helped i guess, but effects can be controlled.
3. hang out in groups, and have fun you'll find out much more about the person through group fun. NO NEED to date. pointless
4. grow up first lah. NO one is mature at 18!!, no matter how long you've been menstruating, or no matter how long you've been shaving your moustach XD.

SOO many people hook up before they end school. then they further study in diff places doing DIFF things, then after tertiary , they realise UH OH!...absolutly nothing in common edi , conversation ges too akward!....pretty sad to break up then right


if you are a student now...forget about it,...just enjoy life!!...go to sunway lagoon! twister, pepsi cola.